7 Essential Reasons You Should Own A Diffuser

MORE THAN JUST a fancy, vapour-producing contraption, essential oil diffusers offer a bevy of benefits that make them probably one of the most overlooked household items. Here are 7 reasons that make having one so essential:


   1.  Helps your body adapt to stress

        Many essential oils such as lavender and clary sage are adaptogens, which means that they help your body to regulate stress levels by soothing you when you’re stressed and giving you a boost when you’re feeling lethargic. With their healing properties, they are able to treat hormonal imbalances, which means that you might not have to reach for that chocolate bar after all.



           2.  Elevates any mood

          Scents affect our moods in greater ways than we realise. With just a few drops of essential oil from the plethora of options available, you can easily set the mood for any occasion – from alluring rose for a peaceful night in, to a warm sandalwood for a social gathering. All that’s left to do is to find the perfect diffuser that reflects your style, and we have a feeling we might be able to help.



             3.  Relax anywhere — in your car, office or at home

          You might be aware of the benefits that essential oil has to offer, like its ability to soothe your body and salve your mind. But did you know that the diffuser is by far the easiest and most effective way of reaping its healthy goodness? Pop one in your car, office, or bedroom and you’ll be saying goodbye to long days and restless nights in no time.


             4.  Safer and healthier alternative to candles

          One in three candles containing heavy metals, some emitting lead that poses health hazards to our bodies. Most candles also have artificial scents and dyes that release harmful chemicals when burnt, and are safety hazards especially with kids and pets at home. The solution? Diffusers. Need we say more?



             5.  Boosts productivity

          There’s nothing worse than returning from a lunch break only to be greeted by an unrelenting food coma. The revitalizing aroma from essential oil diffusers gives you the perfect, natural kick that you need to face the day – and we’re speaking from experience. So the next time that you catch yourself (or your colleagues) snoozing, you know who – or what – to turn to.


             6.  Improves respiration

          Essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint have anti-inflammatory properties that make it a common prescription for unclogging congested airways. If you are prone to allergies or have other breathing disorders, you can consider diffusing essential oils in the rooms of your homes to facilitate better breathing.



             7.  Spruces up any space

          Doubling up as an elegantly understated décor piece, our YUN Desktop Diffuser has permanently won a place in our store, our homes, and our hearts. Its compact size, simplistic design, and USB power function lets you take it from your car to your travels – wherever you think you could use a simple touch of luxury.


          Housed in an elegant hexagon metal alloy casing on a wood finish base, the YUN Desktop Diffuser comes in Silver and Rose Gold ($69.00). Pair it with our signature White Pagoda Essential Oil Blend ($29.00), which contains a woody blend of bergamot, cypress, nutmeg, cedarwood and sandalwood. Dip your feet in the springs of wellness and beauty; the YUN Desktop Diffuser was made for you and your loved ones.



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