"Being able to grow steadily" - Amanda Eng


To welcome the Lunar New Year, SCENE SHANG, together with PREP Luxe and a talented photographer, Jacqueline Chang (@5degreeshift), speak with 5 very inspiring women to discover what new beginnings mean to them. In this post, we speak with Amanda Eng, Marketing Director at Naiise.



We rang on the doorbell and heard a commotion coming from the other side of the door. The door opens and there was Amanda, dressed beautifully in a spring flower dress, pulling on her husky’s leash with all her might. She, her husband Dennis and their two huskies have just moved into their new apartment which opens to a nice patio for morning walks with their dogs. Being newly wed, Amanda shares with us what this New Beginning means to her.

 Amanda Eng


Is there something in particular that you do specially for Chinese New Year? Like back in your family?

We make muah chee. So my granny makes, she hand makes her muah chee. So its like two...the chopsticks are like this big. The long ones? And then they just make from scratch. Only the guys will be in charge of stirring, then the next day, the ladies will mix the thing and cut the thing. Thats quite cool. Every year.

That’s nice. So like how will that change for you now that you’re married?

That I can contribute my new husband to the muah chee making. [Laughs] No, but I think Ill miss reunion dinner? Cause I wont be with my family now, Ill be with my new family.


Any new goals or aspirations for the new year?

Yeah I guess it’s time to enter adulthood, like finally. [Laughs] I think together with Dennis, what we want for the new year, for 2016, is kind of like being able to grow steadily, but not at a pace or at a speed that sacrifices personal time.

Amanda Eng
Marketing Director of Naiise, wife to Dennis Tay, lives with 2 dogs bigger than herself.