A Message from Us


Hi there,

It feels strange that usually at SCENE SHANG, we’re all about making sure that your homes are beautiful, comfortable and a place you can be proud of to talk about with your friends and family. But in a time like that, when measures are now heightened to a point where even home gatherings are held with caution, we’re saddened that a little of that joy might be replaced with fear.

I write this in hope that we can all see the blessing in the disguise of such a gloomy season, that we can see that perhaps now, we have the time to enjoy the home we built to be proud of to others, we can soak in it ourselves.

We at SCENE SHANG, both front and back ends are everyday, passionately still ensuring that every piece we send to you, you’re proud of, whether for yourself or others.

We will continue to operate our retail stores and office, while adhering to government guidelines.
We are also going to take requests for private appointments of 45 minute slots at our retail stores for custom furniture orders just for you and your family, of up to 5 pax, to enjoy the SCENE SHANG experience with a peace of mind.

We hope to continue to spread the beauty, joy and peace of home, especially in a time like this.
We wish you the best of health and we hope to see you soon.

Co-Founder | SCENE SHANG


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