A SCENE SHANG Guide to Picking Out the Best Rattan & Woven Furniture for Your Homes


 You might have noticed a resurgence of interest in all things rattan, cane and other woven furniture in recent years. Here at SCENE SHANG, we believe that this is more than a decor trend but rather a conscious desire to furnish our homes and spaces with choices that are not only aesthetically pleasing and functional, but also sustainable and eco-friendly.
Here’s a quick guide to picking out the best pieces for your own homes and spaces. 

WHAT IS RATTAN?  A fast growing, climbing palm plant that depends on forest trees to grow. The harvesting of rattan for furniture-making instead of timber helps to prevent deforestation. While sometimes confused with bamboo, rattan has solid stems unlike the hollow stems of bamboo, allowing rattan to be bent into curved shapes without splitting. The best quality rattan can be found in Indonesia, where the best weaving craftsmen can also be found.

Beauty in the Bends 

The graceful bends in THE LADY Cane Chair.

Although similar in appearance to bamboo, rattan stems are solid unlike the hollow stems of bamboo. This allows for rattan to be bent into all sorts of curves, retaining strength without splitting. This characteristic of rattan allows beautiful curves to be created and lends an air of sculptural beauty to the designs. To show off the beauty of this natural material, look for designs that feature elegant curves.

THE LADY Cane Chair  $350.00

A Light & Airy Feeling

The light and airy structure of THE LITTLE ONE Cane Chair.


Rattan furniture pieces finished with clear coats allow the natural colour of the rattan core to shine through. This lightness is a sign of good quality rattan, and makes it an easy and pleasing match for any space.  

If you like that light and airy feeling, choose a piece that is designed with an open frame with thinner spines or spokes — you’re guaranteed to enjoy the breeze when you’re seated in chairs designed this way.


THE LITTLE ONE Cane Chair  $169.00

Simple Solid Colours

THE MAVERICK Cane Chair in Sienna, an earthy, reddish-brown colour for nature-inspired contemporary vibes.  

To avoid looking too much like you’re stuck in the 70s, consider choosing rattan furniture paired with upholstery made of solid colours. We especially love pairing our rattan and cane furniture with natural, earthy colours like reddish-brown sienna and yellow-green olive.  
THE MAVERICK Cane Chair - Sienna $680.00

Practical Magic

WEAVE Weatherproof Pouf with Storage - Grey does double duty as a pouf and offers storage space. 

At SCENE SHANG, we’re fans of furniture that are not only good to look at but are also practical. We love it even more when the pieces serve more than one function. Choose multi-functional pieces to allow for more utility.
WEAVE Weatherproof Pouf with Storage - Grey (Large)  $560.00
WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stool with Storage - Grey  $350.00

Matchmade with Metal

A geometric, matte grey metal frame paired with synthetic woven fibres gives a contemporary look to the YANG Collection.

Perhaps you like how the woven look brings a rustic, natural feel, but at the same time you also want your home to look contemporary. Make the best of both worlds by choosing pieces that match metal with woven materials such as rattan or recyclable synthetic fibres.


YANG High Low Armchair - Left  $1200.00

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 Indoors? Outdoors?  

The TENG Lounge Chair is designed for both indoors and outdoors.

If you’re looking to decorate an area that is exposed to the natural elements like a balcony, garden or patio, you’ll need to look for quality furniture that has been designed to weather the elements. We can’t recommend natural rattan for use outdoors, but we can certainly recommend our weatherproof collection, which are made from 100% recyclable, synthetic woven fibres and rust-free, recyclable, powder-coated frames. If you want the option to place your furniture outdoors, check that the pieces have been UV treated and are waterproof so that they can withstand the harsh sun and rain.

TENG Lounge Chair  $980.00

Start Small

ART DECO Cane Tray with Lid Grey - Small serves as a fruit holder on the TENG Coffee Table, creating an interesting tabletop vignette. 

Not sure where to start? Look for smaller pieces such as accessories or decor with interesting details and textures to add interesting vignettes to your space.

ART DECO Cane Tray with Lid Grey - Small $69.00

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