There's Still 花好月圓 (Huā Hǎo Yuè Yuán) to Be Thankful For


Hi there,

Mid-Autumn has traditionally been a season of celebrating harvest, where the moon is fullest and all the flowers are in bloom. Families will return home to gather together, to enjoy mooncakes and tea, and appreciate the full moon.

SHANG YUE 2018, a celebration of joy with you, at our Flagship Store on 263 Beach Rd.

This time of getting together, and the comfort of familiar faces and laughter is why we started our first SHANG YUE in 2016. We wanted to celebrate the feeling of gratefulness, of joy and of reunion with loved ones. Each year, our loved ones seem to multiply. While we always look forward to seeing the old familiar faces, we also welcome the new faces with open arms into our SCENE SHANG family.

SHANG YUE 2020 is our fifth Mid-Autumn together and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t the least bit disappointed that we’re not having a physical get together. Yet I am reminded that bonds and relationships can also be built, shared, strengthened beyond boundaries.

This year’s SHANG YUE will be unique as we connect with you in a different way. We will be celebrating SHANG YUE for a week, where everyone can take part but more importantly, that you can do this in the comfort of your home with your family and loved ones.

花好 (月圆 )。Ink on paper. A beautiful piece of work created and gifted by Ryan Loi, hanging on the wall of our Office Studio. Using shape as part of the concept, it gives this phrase a visual twist. The full moon is represented by the shape of paper and frame whereas the words were written in Gyosho (行書) style with gentle connection and flow.

We hope, while there is still a prevailing pandemic, that what we’ve prepared will bring warmth to you and your family, coming together to reminisce memories, laugh at old photos and celebrate the full blooms and reunion that we can still enjoy, to be reminded that there is still 花好月圓 (huā hǎo yuè yuán) to be thankful for.

Co-Founder | SCENE SHANG

Join in our yearly Mid-Autumn celebration #shangyue2020,
24 Sep - 1 Oct 2020