Discover a Dream Oasis with Dr. Jade Kua — A Sea of Tranquility


YOUR OWN PERSONAL ESCAPE. We’re exploring our ‘Happy Place’ — when times are tough and you need a safe space, what do you imagine? Where do you go to heal and soothe?

Our signature White Pagoda scent was created based on an imaginary oasis from our founders. It is a beautiful, immersive haven that we go to when we need to find peace. Where is that place for you, where do you “go” to when White Pagoda is in the air?

We asked some of our favourite people to share their #MyWhitePagoda with us. Get a glimpse of their unique and beautiful Happy Place, you may find inspiration for your own White Pagoda. This is Dr. Jade’s; Doctor, Mother, Animal-lover.

A “Happy Place” is a space that brings us a sense of peace. It can be anywhere in the world, or even out of this world. Where is your happy place?

I’m always happy by the sea.

Please elaborate on your happy place. Are you there alone? What do you see and hear? Engage our senses!

I love running along the beach with my small children, listening to them squeal whilst they challenge the waves. I would love to take them Scuba diving when they’re older and show them all the beautiful colors on the coral reefs.

All smiles with loved ones, on a chilly winter day in South Korea.

When do you “visit” your happy place? How do you feel before the visit, what makes you seek it out?

I used to go Scuba diving every other weekend when I was in University. When I started working I would save up my leave to go for long liveaboard trips. Now I live by the reservoir and although I can’t touch the water, just walking along the water calms me down.

We all engage in different activities in our mind palace, what do you do in yours? Are you exploring the landscape, or maybe meditating in stillness?

When I focus on anything water-related in my mind, even the sound of raindrops, I feel calm.

What does your happy place mean to you? Share with us how spending time in your personal oasis helps you. How do you feel when you’re in your happy place, and after?

It puts problems in perspective when set against the beauty of nature.

Walk barefoot by the beach shore, feel the sand between your toes and the cool water. Bali is beautiful.

Tell us a story about your happy place. It can be your first visit or a memorable experience.

I think I always associated the sea with holidays. When I was a kid I always went to Desaru, Penang and Langkawi with my family for holidays.

Even now when I go skiing or hiking in the forest for holidays, or shopping in big cities, I never feel as rested as if I was by the sea.

We’ve found that sometimes our dream sanctuaries are not imaginary; they can be a place we have already been to, drawing from the emotions and memories. Where have you visited that helped you relax and recharge?


With the cool ocean breeze in her hair, surrounded by beautiful nature on a beach in Niseko, Japan, Dr. Jade flashes a brilliant smile.

Everyone needs to de-stress from time to time. With your busy schedule, how do you recreate your happy place at home to unwind and relax?

I have a little spa and gym at home where I get my massages and work-outs done. But the reason why the massages are so relaxing is because there’s a full balcony view of the sky if it’s raining and I can listen to the sound of raindrops. And the best feature is the onsen bath for that essential body of water.

Please indulge our wanderlust! When the borders are open again, where would you go? Where is your oasis away from home?

I know the kids really want to go skiing so we’re very likely to head to the Alps. But I hope we can head to Japan, perhaps Nozawa so I can relax with an onsen experience. When they’re older I hope we can go diving - even Phuket would be great although my favourite diving was in Sipadan.

A charming scene of light-coloured stone buildings and cobbled streets line a narrow river in France.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone who’s in search of their own dream haven?

“Close your eyes and listen to your heart.”


SCENE SHANG’s signature White Pagoda scent. This September, we launched a brand new look for our Home Fragrances. A scene is created with lattice cloud motifs and a bent bonsai-like tree embedded within a hexagon frame. One would feel as though they are at the entrance leading to a whole new world — about to be transported to their heart’s desire.

#MyWhitePagoda seeks to transport you to your "happy place" via scents and imagination. We believe that memories are created with the whiff of all the scents in a space. This is why we created our White Pagoda scent — our first and also our signature scent — handmade in Australia.

Our highly-skilled mixologist uses fine quality ingredients to encapsulate our dream spaces into a bottle perfectly. When used in your home, the relaxing scent soothes the senses, and leads you to your own dream oasis where you can feel safe, at peace, and free. Our Home Fragrances offer an escape, to create a restful atmosphere and to whisk you away into a better state of being.

To spread the message of self-care and love, we interviewed some of our favourite role models who come from all walks of life and bring positivity as ambassadors of good living. We hope you get inspired too!

Be transported to your personal haven with our Home Fragrances.

Experience here.

Where is your happy place? Share with us.
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