Discover A Dream Oasis with Tracy Phillips — Immersed in Nature


MAKE YOUR DREAM HAVEN A REALITY. We’re exploring our ‘Happy Place’ — when times are tough and you need a safe space, what do you imagine? Where do you go to heal and soothe?

Our signature White Pagoda scent was created based on an imaginary oasis from our founders. It is a beautiful, immersive haven that we go to when we need to find peace. Where is that place for you, where do you “go” to when White Pagoda is in the air?

We asked some of our favourite people to share their #MyWhitePagoda with us. Get a glimpse of their unique and beautiful Happy Place, you may find inspiration for your own White Pagoda. This is Tracy Phillips’; Director of PPurpose, Nature-lover, Self-discovery Advocate.

A “Happy Place” is a space that brings us a sense of peace. It can be anywhere in the world, or even out of this world. Where is your happy place?

If it had to be a physical place, my happy place is being surrounded by trees and nature, with great natural light, views of a beautiful sunrise and sunset, and water not far away. Immediately what comes to mind is some of the beautiful homes I’ve stayed in over the years on overseas trips with friends, which had all these elements, the sky a different coloured canvas every time I looked up.

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Please elaborate on your happy place. Are you there alone? What do you see and hear? Engage our senses!

I’m with friends but with lots of pockets of time and space to be on my own and read, sit in meditation or go into nature. There’s also lots of laughter over a good meal, deep conversations and day time dancing too.

Trekking through green forests, listening to the music of the river.

When do you “visit” your happy place? How do you feel before the visit, what makes you seek it out?

When I feel like I’ve been in a city too long and not been immersed in nature for a long time.

We all engage in different activities in our mind palace, what do you do in yours? Are you exploring the landscape, or maybe meditating in stillness?

Actually the more I sit with my mind, I realise the happy place is really within too. Sometimes it’s where I let my imagination go wild in the creation of my latest work concepts and other times it’s simply trying to be present with whatever is coming up with equanimity and usually from this I’m able to drop into states of stillness, wholeness, clarity and contentment.

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Lay out on the green grass and look up at the blue skies above, what a wonderful place to be!

What does your happy place mean to you? Share with us how spending time in your personal oasis helps you. How do you feel when you’re in your happy place, and after?

If it’s my happy place within, afterwards I usually feel more centred, at peace, connected to everything and everyone.

When it’s an external happy place, there’s a lot of gratitude for the beauty of nature and my surroundings, of the gift that is life and the amazing synchronicity of being in that exact place at that time.

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Tell us a story about your happy place. It can be your first visit or a memorable experience.

There was one trip to Ibiza, where a group of us stayed at a friend's villa perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean and a perfect sunset every day. We spent the day by the pool, dancing, swimming and when the evening came the sky was painted in so many beautiful shades which went on for close to 2 hours before giving way to a perfect full moon. It was in that moment that a few of us literally said out loud - this is my happy place ha. And that image of us all gathered under the full moon and the day that came before it is a really happy memory I can easily revisit in my mind.

Beauty and wonder as far as the eye can see.

We’ve found that sometimes our dream sanctuaries are not imaginary; they can be a place we have already been to, drawing from the emotions and memories. Where have you visited that helped you relax and recharge?

Queenstown, in The South Islands in New Zealand, Bhutan and the Yucatan in Mexico are all places I’ve been which left me deeply relaxed and recharged and I realise they all have nature as their main commodity. I think with that natural beauty comes a soulfulness from the land, which is reflected in their rich indigenous cultures and spiritual practises.

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Everyone needs to de-stress from time to time. With your busy schedule, how do you recreate your happy place at home to unwind and relax?

I diffuse essential oils, sound my crystal singing bowls, and put on a playlist of whatever kind of music and mood I’m feeling at the time, whether it's melodic electronica, folk or the sacred mantras of various faiths. This combination always puts me in a chilled mood.

Slow down, appreciate the earth, connect with the soul of the land.

Please indulge our wanderlust! When the borders are open again, where would you go? Where is your oasis away from home?

Gosh so many places! But probably Japan because two dear friends of mine recently moved to Fukuoka. When they open the borders to us, I would love to head there and work remotely for a month, spend time with them and live like a local while visiting the region’s many waterfalls, onsens and hiking trails.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone who’s in search of their own dream haven?

First I would ask them to try to get present and go inward. We sometimes can get distracted by all the choices that’s out there or making comparisons with others that we don’t see what is really essential to us. We all have different hopes and dreams because of our different lived experiences, so it’s important to be self aware and question what it is we truly want and need, and through that what truly makes us happy in this moment. I think a dream haven is bound to emerge from this clarity.


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#MyWhitePagoda seeks to transport you to your "happy place" via scents and imagination. We believe that memories are created with the whiff of all the scents in a space. This is why we created our White Pagoda scent — our first and also our signature scent — handmade in Australia.

Our highly-skilled mixologist uses fine quality ingredients to encapsulate our dream spaces into a bottle perfectly. When used in your home, the relaxing scent soothes the senses, and leads you to your own dream oasis where you can feel safe, at peace, and free. Our Home Fragrances offer an escape, to create a restful atmosphere and to whisk you away into a better state of being.

To spread the message of self-care and love, we interviewed some of our favourite role models who come from all walks of life and bring positivity as ambassadors of good living. We hope you get inspired too!

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Where is your happy place? Share with us.
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