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THE FEEL OF THE WARM BREEZE, THE SWAY OF THE LUSH TREES… While we might not get to travel to our favourite tropical vacation spots just yet, why not make our home environments more comfortable and tidy, and also add a tropical vacation touch with these simple and stylish organisation solutions made of sustainable natural and synthetic materials?

With the right pieces, staying organised and tidying up can easily become part of your regular routine, creating less stress, and more time for rest. Here are some of our customer-favourite storage pieces made of sustainable natural and synthetic materials, for you to declutter, organise and create tropical vacation vibes in your home.

ART DECO Cane Trays & Baskets

Inspired by our love for the beauty and geometry of Art Deco, a series of trays and baskets hand made by artisans from natural cane and rattan binding, with a touch of brass.

Channel a relaxing island resort with our light and airy ART DECO Cane Trays & Baskets. Versatile and elegant, these hand-crafted storage pieces serve multiple functions and will always be on trend.

Bring a pop of colour and textural contrast to the table. Natural cane trays make beautiful serving trays that dress up both your food and the table.

Use ART DECO Cane Trays as serving trays or for organisation on shelves and counters. They can help organise surfaces from beauty products on your vanity to condiments and dry goods on the kitchen counter.

Mi casa, su casa. From indulging loved ones to some quality self-care, these classy trays will bring smiles all around. ​​If you need a special gift for someone, consider surprising them with breakfast in bed served in our gorgeous trays. Grab a good read, a scented candle, yummy snacks, soothing tea, and settle in a cosy seat to enjoy some well-deserved alone time.

Our team's favourite tips: Line the ART DECO Cane Tray with placemats or drape a pretty tea towel for a vibrant touch.

ART DECO Cane Tray with Lid - Natural SGD$69.00

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ART DECO Cane Tray with Lid - Grey SGD$69.00

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Place ART DECO Cane Baskets in the living room to store extra linens, blankets, cushions and throws for a soft, cosy touch.

Embrace the tropical, breezy vibes of ART DECO Cane Baskets. Large and lightweight baskets make clean-up a breeze and look great in every room.

Make your home feel more inviting by placing them in the bedroom, living room, by the couch, to store soft homeware. Choose to store comfy cloth in neutral tones or colourful fabrics for a vibrant accent. Place them by the front door for extra shoes, or stow away sports equipment, art supplies, gardening tools, and books. If you’re looking for something just as stylish but also conceals more of your dirty laundry, you’ll love our next recommendation.

Our team's favourite tips: Large baskets are great to store objects of different sizes, because they all fit! Store various bottles of alcohol and mixers in our baskets for a rustic mini bar.

ART DECO Cane Basket with Lid - Natural From SGD$89.00
Available in sizes Medium and Large

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ART DECO Cane Basket with Lid - Grey From SGD$89.00
Available in sizes Medium and Large

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WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stools and Poufs

Hand made by skilled artisans using sustainable materials - 100% recyclable, woven synthetic fibre and aluminium frames, and finished with our signature solid brass handles for that heritage touch that will patina with time.

Achieve instant island vibes with these versatile WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stools and Poufs that are gentle on the eyes and for the earth. 100% sustainable, woven synthetic fibre makes these weatherproof pieces suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Choose Tri Colour or Grey to suit your interior style. The intricate weave pattern provides lovely texture as storage, extra seating, a coffee table, or a side table.

The synthetic woven fibres are comfortable, hard-wearing, UV treated and weatherproof, making these drum stools suitable to be placed both indoors or outdoors.

All it takes is a simple 5-minute clean up to turn your home into a neat and tidy villa with chic and convenient WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stools and Poufs. Just a few of these around your home and everything from laundry, toys, seasonal decor, to outdoor tools, will be a breeze to straighten out.
Similar to cane baskets, WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stools can be used for laundry as well, but with more privacy thanks to the hand-woven fibres.

Get the kids involved, have a designated drum stool for them to keep all their toys.

Store seasonal decor such as extra linens and cushion covers in a pouf and use it as a coffee table in your living room so you can easily switch up the look whenever you want.

Unwind and recharge, get some fresh air! Have a WEAVE Weatherproof Pouf in the garden as a seat or a coffee table to enjoy some quiet time outdoors. Keep cleaning and gardening tools in the pouf, put the lid on and take a seat. Take a break, close your eyes, and listen to the birds sing - you’ll feel refreshed instantly!

Our team's favourite tips: Too busy in the kitchen to host guests? Organise magazines, board games, and card games in a pouf so guests can entertain themselves while you prepare the refreshments. Pull up a drum stool for extra seating or as a side table if you need more surface space.

WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stool with Storage - Grey SGD$350.00
Also available in Tri Colour

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WEAVE Weatherproof Pouf with Storage - Tri Colour (Medium) SGD$480.00
Also available in Grey

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WEAVE Weatherproof Pouf with Storage - Grey (Large) SGD$560.00

Also available in Tri Colour

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WEAVE Planters

Slow down and appreciate nature. Brighten up your home and lift your spirits with the help of WEAVE Planters.

Create your own green vista at home with WEAVE Planters for plants of various sizes! Inspired by classical Oriental garden pot shapes, the WEAVE Planter series are woven by skilled artisans using sustainable materials - 100% recyclable, woven synthetic fibre and a rust-free, powder-coated aluminium frame, and fitted with solid teak wood legs made from offcuts. Not only are the hard-wearing synthetic fibres UV-protected and weatherproof, but the light neutral shades make these pieces easy to match both indoors and outdoors.

Bring the beautiful outdoors into your oasis at home. Dress your plants up in beautiful woven WEAVE Planters.

Revel in serenity, turn your home into a revitalising retreat with beautiful greenery in every corner! Available in Bamboo, Hexagon, Oval, Plum and Square shapes, you can mix and match your plants of different sizes to create your own vibe.

Use large plants to make a statement - just a single pot of bamboo will exude tranquility, or a leafy monstera will add tropical energy. Brighten up your bathroom with vibrant greenery! Choose low maintenance plants such as snake plants, money plants, or orchids for some pretty blooms. If you want to group plants together, have a variation of tall and short plants to add visual interest.

Our team's favourite tips: Have too many small pots scattered around the garden? Make a plant bouquet with our WEAVE Planter - Oval.

WEAVE Planters From SGD$200.00

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HYACINTH Weave Drum Stools

Beautiful as a stool or as a side table. Plum-shaped brass handles add a touch of luxe to raw, natural fibres.

Rustic yet refined, these HYACINTH Weave Drum Stools exude chic and casual comfort. Although they are small and compact enough to stow away, you’ll want to have them on display for the warm, golden glow and contemporary design. Handwoven fibres around a sturdy rattan frame make these drum stools the perfect occasional seating, to prop your feet or as a side table.

Boho chic HYACINTH Weave Drum Stools for a convenient seat in a light and natural sanctuary.

Channel a luxurious island villa with our contemporary and eco-friendly HYACINTH Weave Drum Stools. The intricate weave of hyacinth around a rattan frame brings a relaxed vibe to any space. Beautiful brass handles make it even easier to move these lightweight drum stools around, so you can use it anywhere you want. The compact design makes it easy for storage, so your home looks neater and more spacious.

HYACINTH Weave Drum Stool From SGD$130.00

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