Gifts That Keep Giving for Moms Who Keep Loving



MAKE EVERYDAY MOTHER’S DAY with these timeless gifts. As the saying goes: “Once a Mom, always a Mom”. Our Mothers never stop caring and worrying for us. It’s time for us to return the favour and pamper them on this special day, with some special gifts they’ll love.

Read on for some ways to express love and gratitude to the Mother figures in your life this Mother’s Day and every day after.

For Reminders of Irreplaceable Memories

Memories make us who we are. They draw our past to our present, illustrating our story. Commemorate beautiful memories with keepsakes. Present a beautiful box full of treasures; add in little things you know she likes and gift it with a handwritten note.

The TRINITY Blessings Series contain the Chinese characters 福 (Bliss), 恩 (Grace), and 爱 (Love), a trinity of age-old blessings reworded for today, featuring original contemporary illustrations. Handmade by skillful Vietnamese lacquer artisans, each lacquer box is a meaningful gift of tradition and modernity combined. Finished with gold leaf and 12 layers of lacquer, these boxes are made to last, to store keepsakes for a lifetime of memories.

TRINITY Lacquer Boxes $89.00

The Ji Jian Wu Collection presents a contemporary take on traditional Feng Shui objects that bring prosperity and blessings. Gift these meaningful, delicate, handcrafted porcelain with pure gold gilding as beautiful decoration and well wishes upon your loved ones.

Ji Jian Wu Collection $168.00



For More Time To Themselves

Recreate a Bali resort for Mom to kick back and relax in vacation vibes. Accent the home with natural textures for that tropical, island feel! Declutter with beautiful drum stools and poufs, and serve a tray of her favourite treats. New Moms would especially love this chance to relax and unwind amidst the hustle and bustle of a new addition to the family.

For the complete experience, use some aromatherapy— keep reading for our wonderful Home Fragrances that transport you to an indulgent sanctuary.



Handmade by skilled artisans using sustainable materials — UV-treated and waterproof synthetic fibre. Great as a side table or spare seating, suitable indoors and outdoors, and comes with a lid so you can use it as storage!

WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stools and Poufs From $350.00 


These light and airy rattan trays come in Natural and Grey. Use the trays to serve refreshments or larger Baskets for laundry.

ART DECO Cane Trays and Baskets with Lid From $69.00



For Quick Pick-me-ups

Pamper Mothers whenever and wherever you can, by making self-care easy and accessible. Bring the spa into the home with wonderfully scented lotions, soaps, and convenient diffusers. For cosy moments, a beautiful mug and some delicious tea is always welcome.


Aromatherapy helps to relieve stress, and improve one’s mood and sleep. Made of simple ingredients and vegan-friendly, everyone can smell good and feel good with our signature scent — White Pagoda. Check out our range of Home Fragrances.

White Pagoda Hand & Body Wash $52.90


White Pagoda Hand & Body Lotion $89.90



Use the Eggshell Smart Diffuser for larger spaces and longer diffusing time, or the portable YUN Desktop Diffuser II for the Mum-on-the-go.

Eggshell Smart Diffuser $129.00


YUN Desktop Diffuser II $59.90



Fine Jingdezhen porcelain, delicate gold details, featuring original contemporary illustrations containing the Chinese characters 福 (Bliss), 恩 (Grace) and 爱 (Love), a trinity of age old blessings reworded for today.

TRINITY Mugs $49.90


Inspired by the distinctive tiles of Peranakan shophouses, bearing oriental motifs adorning a calming sea of jade. A meaningful piece of decor or gift for people of contemporary tastes, with an appreciation for Asian culture.

Jade Blossoms Mug $49.90


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For An Uplifting Ambiance

“When words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Anderson

Home decor enhances the vibe of a space so that everyone who steps in gets an instant mood boost. Have fun with music and art that speaks to you and for you.

Curate a playlist of songs you think Mom will like, pick something beautiful for display that reminds you of her.


Made by Rehyphen®, MusicCloth® Paper Cut Animals marries the ancient folk art of Chinese Paper Cut (jiǎnzhǐ 剪纸) with MusicCloth® — an innovative material, hand woven out of cassette tapes. The perfect marriage of art and music layered with uniqueness and sentimentality. Scan the QR code at the back to listen to the original cassette tape.

A symmetrical pair of auspicious cranes are cut out skillfully by artisans, wishing blessings of fortune, longevity, peace and health (福寿安康) upon the receiver.

MusicCloth®Paper Cut Animals - Cranes $179.00



Brighten up Mom’s day with beautiful flowers and greens. Place them around the house in elegant vases for a refreshing touch that is sure to bring a smile to her face whenever she looks at them. For a fuss-free alternative, consider our Pink Plum Flower Stalks.


Middle Kingdom Vases From $42.00


Styling Tip: Group a few vases of varying heights or sizes to make any space alluring. For a minimalist look, place a single stalk in a vase.

For Anything Mom Wants

Still a little worried about getting the perfect gift? Give the gift of choice, let her make the decision with a gift voucher

Be it for home-proud owners, newlyweds, people who love to entertain, and anyone who needs some new furniture or homeware, a SCENE SHANG gift voucher is sure to please.

Available in values of $20, $50, and $100, gift vouchers can be redeemed fully or partially online or at our store destinations. We'll send you a link to the voucher code to your email address, or you can pick up hard copies at our Flagship Store.


Happy Mothers’ Day!
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