In Need of an Escape? 5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Perfect Secret Hideaway.



IS LIFE GETTING TOO BUSY, or perhaps you’re just feeling like you’re in need of something inspirational?

Here are some ways to make your home feel like a perfect secret hideaway - your very own sanctuary to rest and unwind in.

1. A space to create

MENG Writing Desk

Carve out a space for creating. Perhaps a desk where you can write, practise calligraphy or other crafts. (Featured - MENG Writing Desk, ANGGUNG Chair)

Be it writing your unfinished novel or letters to loved ones, to making models or flower arrangements, make room (or even a desk) for a space to allow you to nurture your creativity.
Pen your poems and tales of love and adventure. (Featured - SERENITY Greeting Cards, Papercut Room Diffuser, Brass Pen)

All you need is a good desk space to get you started. Place the desk in a quiet part of your home, away from distractions such as the TV. If it helps, use a room divider or a screen to make you feel like you’re really in that secret hideaway, free to do and create whatever you like.


2. Fill your home with a relaxing scent

A scent can subtly make all the difference in a space. (Featured SHANG System, Orchid Island Papercut Room Diffuser)

A relaxing scent will do wonders to ease your tension - close your eyes and just let your imagination take you away to a quiet and restful place.
Infuse your room with a subtle scent that evokes the beauty of nature. (Featured - nature inspired lattices in Papercut Room Diffusers)

3. Let nature in with plants

SHENG Planter Series

Bring a slice of nature in with some plants. (Featured - SHENG Planters)

Time seems to go slower as you sit back and watch as a little leaf seems to be unfurling, or when a flower bud starts to bloom or simply when you enjoy the calming daily ritual of watering and caring for your plants in your very own home.
  SHENG Planter Aquamarine

BROWSE: Planters


4. A quiet nook for reading

Sit back, relax, read a book. (Featured - THE MAVERICK Armchair, Veins by the Rugmaker)

Books have that special ability to take you on a special journey - on adventures to faraway lands, to places you never thought possible across time, dimension and space.


Carve out a quiet nook, preferably near a window, where there’s light and a soothing view, and place a comfy armchair that you can snuggle into. Place a small side table next to the armchair, one that’s just enough to place a book and a mug (for your favourite drinks).


YUAN Loft Side Table
Reading companions - a sweet and sour mixture of rosemary and grapefruit makes the Rosemary Greyhound Cocktail, seen here in a Glass Mug - Blossoming Abundance on a YUAN Loft Side Table (Short) - LIU Hexagon.




5. Have a home bar

Safekeeping the forbidden. (Featured - MENG Bar Cabinet)


Drinks in moderation can certainly help one to relax and sometimes even get your creative juices flowing. If you feel like having some company, invite a few good friends over for an intimate evening soiree, in the comfort of your own home, away from the crowds and the rest of the world.


RECIPE: Sip into a Peace of Mind with the Rosemary Greyhound Cocktail



Creating a private space for you to retreat to and unwind in will do wonders for your overall well-being. May you find food for your soul, to feed your creativity and enthusiasm for life. 


Have your very own secret hideaway? We'd love to see how you styled it.

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