[PREVIEW: Weaving Our Future Heritage] Making Your Favourites Even Better with New Sustainable Materials


At SCENE SHANG, we bring to you heritage pieces with a modern narrative that you treasure. We’d like to make what you treasure, even better, by making them out of sustainable materials, and by adding new functions to some of the pieces.

1. WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stool & Pouf with Storage

Your favourite drum stools are now offered with a new, sustainable material made of 100% recyclable woven synthetic fibre and aluminium frames. This also means that the drum stools are now even more durable - the material is UV treated so these drum stools can now be used both indoors and outdoors such as your balconies or patios. They are also waterproof so they can be washed down easily or placed in areas that might be exposed to water.

The WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stool & Pouf with Storage are finished with a natural, rustic touch to the weave material and fitted with our signature solid brass handles that will build a patina over time.
WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stool & Pouf with Storage come with detachable lids so you can store things inside.
You asked, and we listened. We’ve received many requests for our drum stools to incorporate storage options for you so we’ve designed these to have a detachable lid. Choose from the usual drum stool size, or our new larger pouf-sized offering. We think they make good companions in your balconies for storing your gardening or cleaning gear, or in the bathroom for laundry or fresh towels.
WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stool with Storage  $230.00
WEAVE Weather Pouf with Storage  $380.00

2. HYACINTH Weave Drum Stool - Small / Large

If you’re looking for our Grass Weave Drum Stools, we’ve updated them in our all new HYACINTH Weave Drum Stool offerings. Now made out of water hyacinth woven over a rattan frame, both eco-friendly, natural and sustainable materials, and finished with a water soluble clear coat for more durability. 

Woven water hyacinth is used on our new HYACINTH Weave Drum Stools.


HYACINTH Weave Drum Stool - Large $129.00
HYACINTH Weave Drum Stool - Small $89.00

3. BAO Bamboo Ladder - Black

Our best seller gets an update with a better quality bamboo material that is thicker and sourced sustainably. Finished in matte black, the joints are now woven with natural coloured rattan skin for a natural touch to a contemporary look.


BAO Bamboo Ladder $139.00

New preview products now in limited stock available for order.

Collection Launch Coming Soon - Weaving Our Future Heritage, Jun 2020

An ode to the old and a nod to the new.

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