Memories in a Bottle — Two New Scents This Summer



MEMORIES ARE CREATED with the whiff of all the scents in a space. The lilies in a vase, the aging of wood furniture, the musk of cashmere, all come together to seal these intangibly precious moments.

This summer, we're expanding our scent range to something that we hope will allow you to create new memories of different sorts in your space.


The all-new Papercut Room Diffuser range features artisanal paper, cut to create a beautiful lattice design, inspired by nature. The paper fibres, once dipped in the essential oils, gradually absorb and release a wonderful fragrance into your room.


We worked closely with our Australian scent experts to develop two extremely unique scents (and trust us, we're scent freaks; we love beauty brands, home brands, malls, restaurants because of how they smell, so we know when we haven't smelt a scent before): Jade Courtyard and Orchid Island.

Each of these scent is suited for a different room in the house, together with White Pagoda, we trust you'll like one for a different mood or occasion.


    New scents: Jade Courtyard Papercut Room Diffuser and Orchid Island Papercut Room Diffuser - we trust you'll like one for a different mood or occasion.


    Jade Courtyard is a sweet, fruity and luxurious blend of grapefruits, rose and musk that reminds us of Mom's powder room in the mornings when she's putting on her make up.

    Orchid Island is a sensuous and refined blend of orchid, violet leaves, lily of the valley and cashmere musk that reminds us of the bedroom when a loved one just steps in after a shower.

    We're excited to be launching these two scents in 3 forms: Essential Oil, Room Mist and Papercut Room Diffuser.


    Infuse your room with a subtle scent that evokes the beauty of nature. (Featured - nature inspired lattices in Papercut Room Diffusers)

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