Our Co-founder Pamela Shares on Moving from Our First Office


Office Viewing, Senang Crescent, 2015

I’ve probably moved at least twenty times in my lifetime. Since young, my parents have been moving house every two years on average for various reasons; the Feng Shui is imbalanced, the neighbourhood is too rowdy, that building is blocking our view. As kids, we didn’t quite understand the reasons, when we were told to pack, we did, and to unpack, we did. I joke that my parents are nomadic herders and we are their sheep.

Standing in the bare 1000sqft unit, days before the move, Senang Crescent, 2015

Christmas, Senang Crescent, 2017

Late nights, Senang Crescent, 2018

Checking every piece of furniture before it goes out to you, Senang Crescent, 2021

Each packing and unpacking process forced us to throw things out, evaluate how much value you placed on things; your primary school leaving autograph book where “roses are red, violets are blue” appeared in six versions, whether the bus ticket folded into a heart from your first crush was worth bringing along, or a friendship band you spent all of recess doing with your bestie.

At first, you would want to keep everything, after some time, the value for some things diminished. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s been replaced with other things of more value and you only have so many drawers with a lock and key to keep these things. Yet, it was all very cathartic, leave some things in the past, take the intangibles with you, and know that the new space is for new hope, for new memories.

Light in our new space, 2021

This is our first proper office move. The office holds as much for me as my house, perhaps because I spend so much time here, and also because Jess and I saw it grow from a room in our Shanghai flat, to a shared space in a colonial house off River Valley Road with two interns and a designer, to our first proper office in Chai Chee, where we spent five years growing the brand and the team.

Enjoying some time by our (underutilised) common rooftop pool, Senang Crescent, 2021

We watched each individual grow from wide eyed fresh graduates to confident team leaders, we watched ourselves grow. It was definitely difficult to pack, but we knew, and we hope the team knows, that it is for new hope, for new memories.

Jess and our contractor in our new space, 2021

We are far from settled in the new space but we are already brimming with excitement and imagination for how it will look like. We can’t wait to unpack, open our doors to our extended family; our partners, customers and friends, to share the next chapter together. Till we see you in October, we keep you close to our hearts.

Co-founder | SCENE SHANG

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