Event: Paper Dumpling Storytelling Session for Kids



ON THE FIFTH DAY OF THE FIFTH MONTH in the lunar calendar, Duān Wǔ Jié (otherwise known as the Dumpling Festival or Dragonboat Festival) is celebrated by the Chinese across the world.

This year, at the SCENE SHANG Flagship Store, we fostered a new appreciation for our rich culture through storytelling.

Our young audience seated attentively under the beautiful light well in the SCENE SHANG Flagship Store, all engrossed in the story about a land far, far away.

Half a dragon and half a war horse, SCENE SHANG's charming kirin Duo Li, won the hearts of the kids and their parents.

The kids conscientiously adding colour and 'flavour' to the paper dumplings for young Duo Li's large appetite. The colouring template for the paper dumplings is covered with the traditional wave motif originally used in ancient Chinese maps to depict the sea—the many curves and waves are perfect for kids who love to colour.

While the kids were busy colouring away, their parents were served traditional rice dumplings on Tea Pets porcelain dishes. Always our trusted teatime companions.

Our paper dumplings are almost ready! With our favourite childhood treats filling our hearts and tummies, they sure left both the kids and adults craving for more.

Make Your Own Paper Dumplings

These paper dumplings are also great as gift boxes, storing sweet treats and other small surprises. Add floral and geometric patterns on your paper dumplings with SCENE SHANG's Washi Tape for a contemporary touch.

Don't worry if you missed the workshop, you can also try this simple craft activity with your children at home with the printable Paper Dumpling Colouring Template, download here.

Happy 'dumpling festival'!

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