Right from the Heart: 3 Classic & Time-Tested Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Your Loved Ones will Love



Lacquer Jewellery Box - Rose, Rose, I Love You

VALENTINE’S DAY is a yearly tradition to celebrate love - love of all kinds - romantic love, friendship, kinship, etc.
If you’re the sort who’s partial to tradition with an appreciation for a fresh take on things, this is for you.
This year we’ve come up with three interesting spins on classic and time-tested gift ideas for ways to say “I love you”.


1. Classic Idea: Flowers

Not all gestures need to be big. Present small beautiful blooms in petite pastel vases as an expression of love.
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Flowers are a time-tested token of love - bringing smiles to a loved one’s face through colourful and happy blooms.


Classic with a Spin:

Flowers are usually wrapped in paper or plastic and arranged in bouquets to be presented to the receiver.  For something different, choose a few beautiful blooms instead of a bouquet, and style them in equally beautiful vases. The blooms can then not only sit pretty on a table to brighten up a loved one's space and but also last longer. After the blooms have been spent, your loved one will also love the idea of being able to use the vase throughout the year to place other flowers or simply serve as a beautiful piece of decor.


2. Classic Idea: Jewellery

Lacquer Jewellery Box - Blossoming Abundance

A lacquer box is a perfect gift to safe keep jewellery, mementoes, and other treasured gifts.
(Featured: Lacquer Jewellery Box - Blossoming Abundance)


Another time-tested classic is the gift of jewellery — giving something exquisite and precious can signify how one holds a loved one in high regard.


Classic with a Spin:

Surprise your loved one by presenting the jewellery gift in a beautiful jewellery box and a handwritten note. Your loved one will love how thoughtful each and every part of the gift is.


3. Classic Idea: Sweet Treats

Pistachio-Crusted Rose Panna Cotta Tart

Sweet treats for loved ones. Pistachio-Crusted Rose Panna Cotta Tart - combines sweet treats with flowers.


Sweet treats such as chocolates and cakes are often gifted to express love, and to wish upon loved ones moments of joy, indulging in a sweet life, literally and figuratively.


Classic with a Spin:

This spin is probably the most difficult! To make the sweet treats even sweeter, try personally hand-making sweet treats for a loved one. If you’re up for it, try out a recipe that uses flowers, combining two classic gift ideas into one.

RECIPE: Pistachio-Crusted Rose Panna Cotta Tart 


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