On a Dreamy Summer's Day, Let's Make an Escape to Our Secret Hideaway







You creased the map
showing me the point
where we could meet.
“Just here”, you say.
Your sunny smile stretched so far,
it set in mine.
You said my lover
could be in Kathmandu,
I joked yours was in the Arctic.
We laughed over the geographies
of possibility and heartache.
Then our bodies folded into secret letters, mailed
into the future
in our summer of dreams.


Remember those stories you used to read when you were younger? The ones with secret fantastical rooms that could only be accessed through a special bookcase, or the ones with a network of rabbit holes buried deep, filled with talking creatures. It was magical to find a portal to a whole new world.

There is always a little thrill in discovering a new place, which somehow feels familiar at the same time. That mix of old and new that feels specially created for you.

On these heady summer days, there is great comfort to be found in the embrace of your favourite armchair, a glass of iced lemonade by your side and a book in hand. You are far away, in an oasis of your making. 

The dance of a familiar scent wafts in the air. There is music, both imagined and real. You remember something and it makes you smile. It takes you further away from the stresses of life.

You sink deeper into the chair, your toes lift lightly off the floor. Your worries melt away with each sip of your drink.

Small comforts can be found in other places too. It could be in the hypnotic wave of your fingers working out a new cross-stitch pattern, or that first sip of a Japanese single malt that takes you back to that hidden bar in Ginza, circa 2013.

You are, you think, like a letter. You can send yourself to places, post-haste. 


Maybe the art of writing is not lost on you. That sense of care for another. You write your well wishes into existence. You hope your letter finds its way to its destination. Somewhere in your mind, it’s already there.

You are, you think, like a letter. You can send yourself to places, post-haste. You can magick yourself to beautiful new worlds. Verdant green fields with emerald waters. A twinkling metropolis where you can get lost in the bustle. 

It is your dream life, according to you. You’re time travelling, transported to a place that’s all your own.

We’ll help you get there.

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