Six Spaces to Make the Most of Every Moment with Your Loved Ones at Home with SCENE SHANG


TIME IS PRECIOUS, especially with loved ones. Make the most of every moment by creating spaces for more meaningful interactions with those you love and care for. Here are six essential spaces to connect with friends and family in the comfort of your own home. 


1. A Space to Read with the Little Ones

Lean back into the elegant curves of THE LADY Cane Chair, the perfect fit for you and your little one.


Spend quality time, share ideas and values by reading to or with children. Choose books together, then curl up in THE LADY Cane Chair — spacious for an indulgent lounge or a cosy bonding session.

THE LADY Cane Chair SGD$350.00


Encourage independence with the lightweight and durable THE LITTLE ONE Cane Chair. Your little one will love this comfortable classic. 


Worried about engaging your kids? Introduce a special chair just for them! Giving them their own seat provides a sense of ownership and when it becomes their favourite chair, they will be even more inclined to participate in any activity.

THE LITTLE ONE Cane Chair SGD$169.00

2. A Space to Play & Bond Together

There's always room for fun at home! Cosy up together on our spacious THE GENTLEMAN Cane Chair, or pull out the handy JIA JU Rocking Stool Natural Beech for an instant bonding moment.


“A father doesn’t tell you that he loves you. He shows you.” —Dimitri the Stoneheart

Play time is a great way to bond with children. Show your kids you love them by spending quality time and having fun with them. Ask about their favourite toys, play their favourite games, come up with a special handshake or even give a simple high-five whenever you pass each other as a quick way to inject some fun in your daily routine. 

THE GENTLEMAN Cane Chair SGD$620.00



JIA JU Rocking Stool SGD$450.00


3. A Space to Show Love & Gratitude

Create meaningful moments with a simple act of handwritten messages. Pin them on our BAO Bamboo Ladder - Black for an easy display area.


We all love surprises; if you don’t get to greet your loved ones in the morning before they leave the house, pin a little message to express your love for them. 

Have your own contemporary message board with the beautiful and versatile BAO Bamboo Ladder - Black, the perfect greeting when you enter or leave the house. For a seasonal activity, decorate with ornaments and make it an advent calendar.

BAO Bamboo Ladder  SGD$139.00

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4. A Space to Share Family Stories & Build New Ones

Clear glass top of the JING Coffee Table (Hexagon) With Glass allows you to display pictures of your favourite memories for loved ones to gather and reminisce. Sink into our comfortable THE MAVERICK Cane Chair - Sienna, as you share your favourite stories.


Gather together to share stories about your family’s history. Just like how we want to know more about the people we love, children want to get to know their parents too!
Dig out your old photo albums and look through them with your kids. Share your memories with them and make new ones together by adding new pictures to the family collection together.

JING Coffee Table Hexagon With Glass From SGD$1060.00


THE MAVERICK Cane Chair - Sienna SGD$680.00


5. A Space to Cultivate Your Love for Nature Together

Just like lasting relationships, the secret to a healthy plant is love, time, and care! The convenient TENG Gardening Stool,  TENG Ladder, and WEAVE Weatherproof Pouf With Storage help save time and space so that you can focus on connecting with your loved ones.

Destress and reconnect with nature and each other. Try gardening as a meaningful stay-at-home project with your family.

Spend some time outdoors to soak in the sun and enjoy the fresh air by converting your balcony or corridor into a mini garden. Stow tools and clutter in WEAVE Weatherproof Pouf With Storage to keep your home neat and tidy. Hang plants on the TENG Ladder for a vertical garden that takes up minimal space. Tending to plants with your children can also help instil values of responsibility and patience.

TENG Ladder SGD$179.00

WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stools & Poufs With Storage
SGD$350 - $560


6. A Space to Entertain & Host Loved Ones

A long table to gather round and have meaningful conversations during your daily family meals on the MING Dining Table. Enhance your dining area while appreciating culture and heritage with YUAN Mini Windows by Arthur P.Y. Ting


The best memories are made in the company of loved ones. Create a warm and inviting area to share meals with friends and family. Making time to share meals together allows you to be a part of their daily conversations and be more involved in each other's lives. 

MING Dining Table From SGD$1960.00

YUAN Mini Windows by Arthur P.Y. Ting - Blair Road SGD$3300.00

Come together to share stories, laughter, and yummy food, on our elegant MING Dining Bench, with the versatile ART DECO Cane Trays to elevate every dining experience.


Be surrounded with love and warmth by making your home gathering-ready with a dining area suited for entertaining. Larger dining tables and ample seating create a more inviting atmosphere. JIA JU Rocking Stool Natural Beech serves dual purpose as a nostalgic conversation starter and handy additional seating for larger gatherings.


MING Dining Bench From SGD$1160.00

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ART DECO Cane Tray SGD$69.00


How are you creating space at home for meaningful moments?
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