Three Beautiful Flowers We Love & The Beautiful Meanings They Symbolise



WHEN ONE THINKS OF FLOWERS, the word “beautiful” commonly comes to mind.

We’ve picked these three flowers as our most loved, not just because of their beautiful appearance, but also for the beauty in their meaning and symbolism.

1. Hydrangeas

Blessings Gift Envelopes - Blossoming Abundance (Red Packets)

A lush forest of bamboo and hydrangeas, with flitting butterflies feature in this year's exclusive red packet design - Blessings Gift Envelopes - Blossoming Abundance.

Despite having a name with roots in Greek, the Hydrangea was first discovered in Japan.

Why we love hydrangeas -


A lavish, round shape formed by an abundance of small flowers packed closely together, found in a variety of colors. We’re particularly fond of pairing the ones that come in the softest shades of blues, with the richness of the deep maroon and purple ones.


Count your blessings - hydrangeas symbolise the giver’s gratefulness and heartfelt thanks.

Blossoming Abundance Glass Mug

Not only does the lavish round shape of the hydrangea blossom signify blossoming abundance, hydrangeas also symbolise gratefulness - a perfect gift to say your heartfelt thanks with the Blossoming Abundance Glass Mug.

Hydrangea in a teahouse in Taiwan Beautiful also when dried, hydrangeas keep their round, lavish shape due to the abundance of tightly packed petals. - Seen: Hydrangea chabana in a teahouse in Taiwan #sceneshangtravels.


2. Roses

Rose and Pistachio Tart
Pistachio-crusted rose panna cotta tart - more than just being pretty to look at, roses can also be used as an ingredient for food and drink. Get the recipe here.

Wild roses are thought to have existed more than 35 millions years ago. Around 5000 years ago, the Chinese and the Egyptians are thought to be the first to cultivate roses.

Why we love roses -


With over 150 species and thousands of hybrids, there is surely a shape and colour that pleases everyone. On top of looking pretty, roses can also be used as ingredients in a variety of food and drinks (bandung, anybody?). 


The quintessential symbol of love, giving roses says “I love you.” Instead of a bouquet, perhaps you could send your love with a pistachio-crusted rose panna cotta tart?

3. Plum Blossoms

Plum Blossoms in Shanghai

Plum blossoms in a park near our home in Shanghai, 2014. Probably the first time we saw plum blossoms.

Widely used as an ornamental garden fixture in Chinese gardens, plum trees have been associated with good fortune. These popular blooms are also found on trees planted in parks or streets and mark the arrival of spring.
Why we love plum blossoms -


The flowers appear even before the leaves and come in shades of white, pink and red. Imagine a tree just filled with flowers and only flowers.


One of the rare flowers that bloom even in the harshest of winters, the plum blossom channels pure beauty and strength.


Red Plum Flower Stalk

Is it any wonder that plum blossoms have captivated and inspired poets for centuries? Blooming even in the harshest of winters, the plum blossom channels pure beauty and strength. Real plum blossoms are hard to get - these silk ones can be shaped into an arc and can stay vibrant for a long time.


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