Be our guest, join our GUIBIN Rewards programme — reserved exclusively for our distinguished guests.

At SCENE SHANG, beyond Asian-inspired contemporary designs that beautify your spaces, we invite you to be our distinguished guest, and join us in an all-encompassing lifestyle experience, embracing and appreciating our rich Asian culture.

GUIBIN Reward Tiers

as of 1 July 2020

How It Works

You are automatically enrolled and gifted with 50 taels as long as you have made an online or in-store purchase with your email address.

However, you will still have to register your GUIBIN account using the same email address and set your account password. You will receive an email to activate your GUIBIN account.

Earn taels by making online or in-store purchases.

Excludes dollar amount from custom delivery, repair or storage charges.

Add your birthday. This is our way of saying Happy Birthday and giving you a gift on your special day!

Launch the GUIBIN Rewards popup window, go to ‘Ways to earn’ > ‘Celebrate Your Birthday’ > ‘Add Date’. The taels will be rewarded once a year on the birthday you have keyed in.

You can ‘Edit Date’ if a wrong date was keyed in; do note that the taels will only be rewarded once a year.

On the GUIBIN Rewards popup window, go to ‘Ways to redeem. A ‘View’ button will be shown beside each reward that you have enough taels for. If a loading circle is shown, simply earn more taels to enable redemption of the reward.

By clicking on the ‘Redeem’ button, you will receive a unique code with redemption instructions for the reward. This information will also be sent to you via email; you can use the reward code at checkout.

For rewards that have been fully redeemed, you will be directed to an error page - click on the button on the top left of the GUIBIN Rewards popup window to redeem other rewards.

Steps on how to redeem each type of reward can also be found on each reward listing in the rewards catalogue. To view your GUIBIN Rewards activity and taels history, simply click history icon on the GUIBIN Rewards popup window

The higher your tier, the more exclusive perks you get. Advance to the next tier with your accumulated total spend.

You will earn taels for every advancement too.

Earn Taels

sign up
Create An Account
+50 Taels

celebrate your birthday
Celebrate Your Birthday
+50 to 150 Taels
advance tier
Advance To Next Tier
+100 to 300 Taels

spend and earn
Spend $1
+1 Tael