"It doesn’t hurt to be happier every year." - Charmaine Seah-Ong


To welcome the Lunar New Year, SCENE SHANG, together with PREP Luxe and a talented photographer, Jacqueline Chang (@5degreeshift), speak with 5 very inspiring women to discover what new beginnings mean to them. In this post, we speak with Charmaine Seah-Ong, Co Founder of Elementary.Co



We entered a beautiful attic apartment, light pouring in on a cosy atmosphere of love and joy, much of it evident from Charlie Rose’s toys, rocking horse and tiny shoes. It isn’t the first time we’ve had the privilege of Charmaine sharing her stories with us. Yet, this time, her inspiring New Beginning of being a first time mom, the joy of her experiences with Charlie quickly growing up, fills us with so much hope for this new year.



What do new beginnings mean to you?

New beginnings means the opportunity to start from zero again, to erase past mistakes, and to just basically have a brand new start.

Is this going to be Charlie’s first Chinese New Year?

No, it’s her second Chinese New Year. But last year she was all of four months old, so I don’t know if she really understood everything. In fact, last year Chinese New Year, after we changed her into her nice Chinese New Year outfit, she also vomited all over it. So I’m glad she’s past that phase in her life now. Now she’s very much more mobile, so she’ll be able to celebrate it I think in a much more meaningful way. She can actually run around and play, and talk to people.

So any aspirations or goals for next year?

I’m very bad at keeping to new year’s resolutions, so I try not to make very big ones. Like for the past, I think, decade of my life, I keep saying I’m going to get my drivers license, which I have not done. So I’ve completely failed at getting my driver’s license for more than ten years, so I gave up on making that resolution. So every year, at the start ofthe year, I just tell myself that this year, I will be happier. I mean, it doesn’t hurt to be happier every year, to be more grateful, that I will try harder. Next year, I will also be moving to the new office, so I have to bring in bigger accounts to the company, continue to work harder.

Charmaine Seah-Ong
Co-founder of Elementary.Co, wife to Derek Ong & momma to Charlie Rose Ong. Together, they live in a beautiful attic turn apartment.