How to Effortlessly Style Your Home into a Beautiful, Relaxing Sanctuary with Rattan Furniture from SCENE SHANG



WITH THE RIGHT STYLING, the light and sturdy material can make your home look effortless, relaxing and beautiful. From armchairs to trays, we at SCENE SHANG share our favourite rattan furniture that will help you feel relaxed anywhere at home.


Discover your new favourite seat with the combination of light, natural cane and soft microfibre upholstery.

THE MAVERICK Cane Chair is a versatile piece that fits every interior style beautifully and makes any room feel more inviting. Thanks to the marriage of traditional methods and innovative design, this piece feels familiar yet new.

The light grain of rattan and textured edges of raw leather adds a sense of organic warmth.

We used innovative methods to create this rattan version of our classic bestseller, THE MAVERICK Armchair. The same Art deco inspired geometry is present in the skillfully bent rattan frame, while a natural clear coat lends a warm touch. Run your hands on the underside of the arms and feel the grooves that is one of our design innovations to improve sustainability- the wide plank is actually rattan core fused together which reduces waste.

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In your bed, living room, or home office, no matter where you place this timeless accent piece, you’ll find yourself gravitating towards it. Instead of leather that is used in the classic design, THE MAVERICK Cane Chair is upholstered with lush microfibre so you can sink into soft comfort. And with the earthy warmth of natural rattan, undyed leather bindings up the understated aesthetics that no one can deny.

THE MAVERICK Cane Chair - Sienna SGD$680.00

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TENG Wicker Screen

TENG Wicker Screen is one of the furniture that we customised specifically for SHANG HOUSE as a nod to the area’s rattan weaving history.

Create your own cosy corner in an instant with partitions. Segment a large room into little pockets for your every whim. The TENG Wicker Screen is a sheer partition that gives you some privacy and allows light to shine through so your room still feels spacious and airy. Thin strands of rattan are woven into an intricate wicker pattern, encased by nyatoh wood with just the right amount of brass for a little more glamour.

Did you know: Rattan, Cane and Wicker are often used interchangeably but they have their differences. Rattan and Cane are different parts of the same plant while Wicker refers to the method of weaving and not the material.

Cane is the outer bark of the rattan plant and is often woven into webbed patterns. Rattan core is bendable and thicker rattan can be used to form the frame of furniture while thinner rattan can be woven into a wicker pattern as well. Wicker is an intricate weaving method that can be done with materials such as straw, bamboo, synthetic resin, and of course, rattan.

Slow down and appreciate the little moments. Brass details of the TENG Wicker Screen catches the light at different times of the day.

TENG Wicker Screen From SGD$2200.00

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ART DECO Cane Trays & Baskets

Inspired by our love for the beauty and geometry of Art Deco, a series of trays and baskets hand made by artisans from natural cane and rattan binding, with a touch of brass.

Channel a relaxing island resort with our light and airy ART DECO Cane Trays & Baskets. Versatile and elegant, these hand-crafted storage pieces serve multiple functions and will always be on trend.

Bring a pop of colour and textural contrast to the table. Natural cane trays make beautiful serving trays that dress up both your food and the table.

Use ART DECO Cane Trays as serving trays or for organisation on shelves and counters. They can help organise surfaces from beauty products on your vanity to condiments and dry goods on the kitchen counter.

Mi casa, su casa. From indulging loved ones to some quality self-care, these classy trays will bring smiles all around. ​​If you need a special gift for someone, consider surprising them with breakfast in bed served in our gorgeous trays. Grab a good read, a scented candle, yummy snacks, soothing tea, and settle in a cosy seat to enjoy some well-deserved alone time.

Our team's favourite tips: Line the ART DECO Cane Tray with placemats or drape a pretty tea towel for a vibrant touch.

ART DECO Cane Tray with Lid - Natural SGD$69.00

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ART DECO Cane Tray with Lid - Grey SGD$69.00

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Place ART DECO Cane Baskets in the living room to store extra linens, blankets, cushions and throws for a soft, cosy touch.

Embrace the tropical, breezy vibes of ART DECO Cane Baskets. Large and lightweight baskets make clean-up a breeze and look great in every room.

Make your home feel more inviting by placing them in the bedroom, living room, by the couch, to store soft homeware. Choose to store comfy cloth in neutral tones or colourful fabrics for a vibrant accent. Place them by the front door for extra shoes, or stow away sports equipment, art supplies, gardening tools, and books. If you’re looking for something just as stylish but also conceals more of your dirty laundry, you’ll love our next recommendation.

Our team's favourite tips: Large baskets are great to store objects of different sizes, because they all fit! Store various bottles of alcohol and mixers in our baskets for a rustic mini bar.

ART DECO Cane Basket with Lid - Natural From SGD$89.00
Available in sizes Medium and Large

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ART DECO Cane Basket with Lid - Grey From SGD$89.00
Available in sizes Medium and Large

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BROWSE: Tea Towels, Placemats & Coasters

DUKE Console Table

Made from sustainable rattan treated with eco-friendly black lacquer, and matched with brass details and rattan matting.

Black lacquered rattan of the DUKE Console Table makes a bold yet elegant statement. Inspired by the black and white bungalows in Seletar, this slim console combines strong, black lines, with intricate rattan wicker, fluted glass and brass details. Place it at your front entrance, by the corridor, or in any room where you need just a little more surface space and lots of beauty.

DUKE Console Table SGD$650.00

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HYACINTH Weave Drum Stools

Beautiful as a stool or as a side table. Plum-shaped brass handles add a touch of luxe to raw, natural fibres.

Rustic yet refined, these HYACINTH Weave Drum Stools exude chic and casual comfort. Although they are small and compact enough to stow away, you’ll want to have them on display for the warm, golden glow and contemporary design. Handwoven fibres around a sturdy rattan frame make these drum stools the perfect occasional seating, to prop your feet or as a side table.

Boho chic HYACINTH Weave Drum Stools for a convenient seat in a light and natural sanctuary.

Channel a luxurious island villa with our contemporary and eco-friendly HYACINTH Weave Drum Stools. The intricate weave of hyacinth around a rattan frame brings a relaxed vibe to any space. Beautiful brass handles make it even easier to move these lightweight drum stools around, so you can use it anywhere you want. The compact design makes it easy for storage, so your home looks neater and more spacious.

HYACINTH Weave Drum Stool From SGD$130.00

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How do you make your home your personal paradise?

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