Make Your Home Even More “You” with Comforting Neutral Tones & Personal Touches from SCENE SHANG



PERSONALISE YOUR HOME into the immaculate interior design shots you see in magazines! If you’ve been double-tapping beautiful homes on Instagram and Pinterest, here’s the final puzzle piece to put all that inspiration to good use. We’re giving you our styling tips so you can achieve a Pin-worthy haven at home. Let’s get into where we chill and hangout: our living room and cosy corners all around.

Quiet, Lazy afternoons using Neutral Tones

There’s no place like home. Soothe your senses in a relaxing oasis that makes you go “Ahhh…”.

Style with a neutral palette and natural materials for a safe haven that makes you feel happy and comforted. Now that we’re home more than ever, many of us are yearning for the great outdoors, to get some respite from our concrete walls. Bring a sense of peace and relief by using muted tones and organic texture that emulate the beauty of Mother Nature in your home.

Unwind and recharge in a timeless, calming oasis with neutral tones. (Credit:

Boost your mood with plenty of natural light. Use thin, white curtains to fill your home with sunshine without the harsh glare. Choose upholstery in light hues of ivory, beige, and cream to reflect sunlight, boosting your serotonin levels and make your space appear bigger.

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BROWSE: Carpets & Rugs

A healing environment with layers of comfort, light, and warmth. (Credits: @a.homewithyou , @home_pat_and_wei)

Accent with soft touches and plants for a revitalizing sanctuary. Experiment with texture by layering soft accents on harder materials for some contrast and a cosy feel. Try the luxurious velvet of our Jade Blossoms Cushions or comfy microfibre upholstery of THE MAVERICK Cane Chair. Use our WEAVE Planters or Middle Kingdom Vases to dress up your indoor plants.
Neutral tones allow the finer details to come through. Other than rattan and cane, you can choose our rich elm wood in the stain “Clear”. We finish our light-coloured wood in a clear natural coat so you can still admire its unique grain patterns.


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Create Beautiful Focal Points with Visual Triangles

Captivating compositions to enhance and elevate.

Group your decorative pieces to form a triangle and tell an enchanting story. Choose a piece that stands out the most and make that the focal point by using the other pieces to frame it. This helps guide the eyes, creating a more pleasing proportion. It’s a quick and easy way to add a personal touch and give a sneak peek of your character and style. You can use this for every surface; bedside tables, coffee tables, dining tables, study desks, and even bathroom counters.

These are a few of my favourite things. (Credits: @choubb79, SHANG House with, @khaymun)

Add freshness and texture to your vignettes with revitalising plants and flowers. Experiment with different plants to create your perfect vibe. Flowers bring an amazing range of colour, from relaxing white to vibrant yellows and dark reds. Consider the shades you have on display so that the colour palette is consistent, including the vases they are displayed in! Pink beautifully complements the indigo of our GRACE 恩 Greeting Card and SHANG System - YI Combination in Dark Wood and Wutong.
Experiment with contrasting shapes such as round blossoms to enhance angular decoratives or use plants with long and thin leaves to balance heavier objects in the vicinity. The tall MK Vases and slender eucalyptus branches create an elegant composition alongside our MING Double Layer Console Table with Cloud Corners.

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Give your guests a preview of your character with the books you choose to display. (Credits: @threedconceptwerke)

A good rule of thumb is to display your curios of different heights in an “A” or “L” shape. THE BANKER Desk Lamp helps draw attention to what you want to highlight such as meaningful keepsakes or art. If your composition is just a little short of something, use a stack of books to prop something up or as an individual focal point. This gives you an opportunity to easily swap out your decor from time to time with different books.
Curate your books by colour, size, and even genre, to craft your ideal mood. If you’re going for a monochromatic look, you may want to pick black and white book covers. Bring an air of culinary creativity with cocktail recipe books by your bar counter, so that your guests can peruse and experiment while you focus on other hosting needs.

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How do you make your home your personal paradise?
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