Six Easy Ways to Refresh
Your Space with SCENE SHANG


Now that we’re spending a lot more time in the safe havens of our homes, perhaps there’s no better time to do a quick refresh. Rejuvenate your homes with a quick change of scenery,  it can be easier than you think. We have put together some useful tips on how you can refresh your space ⁠— guaranteed to enliven the place in no time!

1. Spruce Up With Luscious Greens


Looking at greens is known to be very soothing for the human eye and transport us to a state of relaxation. Bring in bits of green to evoke feelings of abundance. It has association with refreshment and peace, rest and security. More importantly, it adds life to any living space.


WEAVE Planter - Hexagon $270.00
WEAVE Weatherproof Pouf With Storage - Grey $560.00

2. Add Beautiful Details With New Homeware


Changing out all your furniture might be too drastic. Instead, get little pieces of homeware that make you feel happy and elevate your mood. Small items let you revitalise your living space just the same, without breaking the bank. It is these little details that can make a whole lot of difference to your beautiful homes.


THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Satin Emerald $280.00
Harmony Blooms Cushion - Blooms $38.90

3. Liven Up With Wall Art


Hanged art is always a good conversation starter or simply to give life to a space. Now with our constant video call sessions, impress your audience with a tasteful statement. We could hang up big pieces of art or go all out and make a gallery wall. However, if that is too over the top for you, smaller pieces play a part in livening our homes as well.


YUAN Mini Windows by Arthur P.Y. Ting - Blair Road $3300.00
MusicCloth Paper Cut Animals - Cranes $179.00

4. Create New Space With Screen Dividers

Strange as it may sound, breaking up a space can actually give you extra space. Using a screen as a divider allows you to utilise the space differently by creating separate areas,  and helps to block out any distraction on the other side.  Now, you have an extra space for work or for relaxation.


TENG Wicker Screen From $2200.00
Paramour Screen - Nutmeg $2890.00

5. Redefine Your Flooring With Textured Rugs


Rugs always make an open space look more inviting. If you are looking to redefine your space or flooring, a rug is the perfect candidate. Rugs create visual interest and can help to reflect your style. Fun fact: an area rug is not only quieter to walk on, but it also absorbs noise.


Sisal Carpet - Area Rug $690.00
Jute Round Rug - 180cm $449.00


6. Declutter With Nifty Storage Solutions

Being home for prolonged periods, it is inevitable for clutter to build up. Take time to declutter your space from time to time. Use stackable trays that help you segment your things neatly, or multi-functional furniture that give you extra storage space and additional seating in the house.
ART DECO Cane Tray - Natural (Medium) $89.00
WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stool with Storage - Tri Colour $350.00

We hope that these tips have been useful for you in refreshing your spaces at home. Keep your mind healthy and do things that make you happy.


 Tried these tips? Tag us in your beautiful homes, we'd love to see it.

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