The Banker's Lamp — An Emerald Legacy

BEFORE THE 'BANKER'S LAMP' WAS COINED, the most iconic lamp of all time was first known as the 'Emeralite' - a play on the words 'emerald' and 'light'.
Harrison D. McFaddin filed a patent in 1909 for "a new original and ornamental design for lamp shades". Businesses would later order lamps with these emerald green hand blown glass shades by the hundreds over the next few decades and widespread use was observed from New York to even Shanghai.

"Give me songs to sing and emerald dreams to dream and I'll give you love unfolding." — Jim Morrison
Green is thought to be psychologically soothing, calming and capable of enhancing one's focus. These qualities were especially desired in banking activities and the lamps were revered as tools to boost workplace productivity. Overtime, their use became so ubiquitous in banks that they were named 'banker's lamps'.


The smooth, rounded corners and angles of the lampshade allow it to be sloped towards the front for light to be pooled around the base of the lamp. The unique feature of focused lighting is yet another upside in encouraging concentration.

The 'green effect' suggested by scientific studies also has it that the colour is perfect for inspiring creativity. Beyond financial and academic institutions, the lamp soon became a popular fixture in the arts scene; embellishing pianos and decking the hallways of art galleries.
Today, the banker's lamp is not just confined for use in offices, but widely adorned in homes, hotels, and living spaces to evoke the nostalgic elegance of the early 1900s.

Screen grab from Seven (1995 film). The electric table lamp, originally characterized by a brass stand, vivid emerald green glass shade and pull-down chain switch has also made several cameos in movies. 

Channel Art Deco exuberance with THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Nero Marquina
In SCENE SHANG's THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Nero Marquina, a classic returns with a modern touch. Simplified in its symmetry, with a black marble base for an unmistakable touch of luxe.

Each lamp comes with a power cord clothed in a black-and-white weave for that Old School touch. We'll even throw in a complimentary Edison bulb.

Seeking something a touch more delicate? Set your eyes on THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Satin Emerald and THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Jade.

Handblown glass lampshade and bright Carrara marble of THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Satin Emerald for a lighter look with the same, mesmerising emerald glow.

THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Pearl looks exquisite on MING Console Table with stunning Verde Fantasia Marble.

Or THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Pearl and THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Moonlight for a more minimal look. Great for shedding some light on your work or bedtime reading or as a beautiful gift for your loved ones.

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