Trending Now: How To Create A Contemporary Sanctuary With Dark-toned & Black Accent Furniture


WHILE STRIKING AND POWERFUL, the colour black is also grounding and calming. With the growing interest in deep shades / black accent furniture and relaxing home interiors, we combine both trends to debunk misconceptions of black being gothic or morbid, and prove its versatility by styling tranquil spaces for your homes.

Read on for 6 SCENE SHANG tips to create your own sanctuary at home, a haven for you to slow down and find peace. 

1. Channel Feelings Of Calm With Black Hues

Simple, clean lines of the KIAN Old Elm Wood Console - Midnight create a serene environment. The TENG Wicker Hanging Lamps suspended at different levels add visual interest to your ceiling.


Take in the moment and soothe your senses. A minimal palette and repeated black accents create a cohesive composition. Appreciate the dark beauty and sophisticated details of brass and wicker while you experience the fragrance, texture, and taste of fine tea.


KIAN Old Elm Wood Console - Midnight From SGD$1400.00


TENG Wicker Hanging Lamps From SGD$380.00


2. Craft A Daily Ritual

Create an open closet for a slow morning with our YI Clothes Stands. Use the YI Clothes Stand - Large for a minimalist, capsule wardrobe, or display your essentials on the YI Clothes Stand - Medium.


Other than black, consider darker shades to channel the same contemporary-sanctuary decor style. Focus on simple lines for an open and flowy vibe. Tranquil spaces like these help you slow down so you can create a quiet, meditative experience of the ritual of dressing and undressing.


YI Clothes Stand - Large SGD$590.00


YI Clothes Stand - Medium SGD$480.00


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3. Keep Your Focus In A Serene Work Space

Enjoy ample workspace on the sleek and professional KIAN Old Elm Wood Desk - Midnight. Ease the tension in your shoulders as you rest on THE MAVERICK Armchair - Pure Leather. Get the perfect light with the sophisticated THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Jade.


While black helps to relax in everyday situations, having the bold and powerful colour in your work space helps you to recharge so you can tackle work situations with a clear headspace. Embrace the dark palette; pair black with other deeper shades in different materials for refined textural contrast. Bring light in to reveal the fine details of dark-toned wood, leather, and steel.

Styling Tip: Good lighting is essential for dark furniture. It helps to highlight black furniture and make rooms appear bigger and more open. Bring in as much natural light as possible for an open and flowy feel. Use white curtains and avoid obstructing the windows.


KIAN Old Elm Wood Desk - Midnight
From SGD$1130.00

THE MAVERICK Armchair - Pure Leather  SGD$1800

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THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Jade  SGD$280.00

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4. Add A Touch Of Luxe With Brass Details

Make time to create memories with the people you care about. Try a game with the handcrafted Brass Chinese Chess Set for meaningful conversations over a thoughtful activity. Set it up on the JING Coffee Table to channel Asian Art Deco elegance with the contemporary hexagon-shaped brass plated steel.

Balance the strong, black lines with touches of brass for shine and luxe. The warm metal matches various styles from Art Deco, Modern, to Old School Glam. Opt for brass coated steel, or brass handles on furniture.

Furniture Care Tip: Some brass hardware is designed to develop a natural oxidised patina over time. To restore the brass hardware to a shine, use a metal polish suitable for brass metal. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that can scratch and dull metal surfaces.


Brass Chinese Chess Set SGD$1800.00


JING Coffee Table (Hexagon) With Glass From SGD1060.00


5. Break The Monotony With Light, Neutral Shades

Balance out the black with light, neutral shades, or pastel colours. Consider our Sisal Long Runner - Khaki Cream or award-winning SHANG System - YI Combination (Light Wood) in Ivory to brighten up the space. Soothe all your senses with pastel green hues and soft linen of the Jade Blossoms Collection.

Natural materials, such as light wood floors, add warmth and make a room with black furniture appear more comfortable. Consider rugs with natural fibres for a softer edge. Or, pair with other light wood and white furniture. Accentuate with calming pastels for a touch of colour that's easy on the eyes.

Functional and beautiful Jade Blossoms Mug and Jade Blossoms Linen Tea Towels.


Sisal Long Runner - Khaki Cream SGD$239.00

A round shape adds visual interest to the dark-coloured lines while the natural shade adds warmth and comfort.

Jute Round Rug From SGD$139


SHANG System YI Combination (Light Wood) SGD$1600


Jade Blossoms Mug SGD$49.90


Jade Blossoms Linen Tea Towel Set of 2 SGD$26.90


6. Underscore Your Greens With Black Lacquer Planters & Ladders

Purify and refresh your home with charming DUKE Planters and your favourite greenery. Bring the great outdoors into any space, hang your plant babies on the versatile BAO Bamboo Ladder - Black.


Plants match decor of any vibe and look gorgeous with black. Reconnect with nature. Bring the great outdoors into your bedroom, dining area, living room, or any living space. It’s easy with versatile planters and ladders.


DUKE Planter SGD$150.00 - 180.00

BAO Bamboo Ladder - Black SGD$139.00

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How are you creating your own haven at home?
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