Usher Flourishing Fortune into Your Home for the New Year with These Contemporary Touches



THE YEAR OF THE OX represents vigour and vitality. Embody the passion of 2021 with these novel pieces and activities at home for a flourishing start to the New Year. Here’s our guide to enjoying a meaningful, more intimate celebration with smaller groups that go beyond the distance.

1. Impress With An Elegant Entryway

Welcome guests and usher in auspicious blessings for the New Year with an elegant entryway.

Make a stylish first impression with our charming DUKE Console Table by the main door. You’ll never forget your essentials again! The DUKE Shoe Bench ensures your entrance stays neat, tidy, and serves as a convenient seat for guests to put on and take off their shoes. Spring clean to make room for serendipity. It’s easy with our WEAVE Drum Stools and Poufs with Storage.

DUKE Console Table SGD$650

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DUKE Shoe Bench SGD$390

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WEAVE Drum Stools and Poufs SGD$350 - $560

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2. Gather in an Inviting Living Room

Spacious and comfortable for endless lively gatherings. Guests will want to visit your inviting home again and again!

Give guests ample space with their own comfy armchairs and convenient stools that provide you the freedom and ease to rearrange whenever you want. Check out the Cane Collection for natural rattan pieces. Or pull out the nostalgic JIA JU Rocking Stool, a favourite among kids and those young-at-heart.
Further elevate your living space with just the right amount of luxury, in brass details and fluted glass of the DUKE Coffee Table. Or serve refreshing beverages with the DUKE Bar Cart.


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JIA JU Rocking Stool SGD$450

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DUKE Coffee Table SGD$890

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DUKE Bar Cart SGD$500

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3. Refresh with Nature

Decorate with fresh flowers and plants to channel abundance and vitality. Style Money Plants or Pussy Willows in our versatile and contemporary WEAVE Planters. Place single stalks of flowers in sophisticated vases from Middle Kingdom or try our Plum Flower Stalks for fuss-free accents of colour.

WEAVE Planters SGD$200 - $280

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Middle Kingdom Vases 

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Plum Flower Stalks SGD$9.90

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4. Make A Statement with A Mesmerising Zoom Corner

Connect with loved ones far and wide. While you spruce your home up with classic accents you’ll want to keep all year round, create an extra special corner to video call and share the bold and vibrant Year Of The Ox with friends and family anywhere in the world! 

Flaunt your festive pieces. Display and admire the intricate chinoiserie of LUCKY Collection - The Ox and MingBelle. Send matching sets of tableware in our YU 余 Hamper Basket and FENG 丰 Hamper Basket for friends and family to enjoy beautifully set Zoom Corners, so it feels like you’re in the same space when you meet via video calls.  

LUCKY Collection - The Ox SGD$129

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LUCKY Collection - MingBelle SGD$129

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YU 余 Hamper Basket SGD$98

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FENG 丰 Hamper Basket SGD$188

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5. Start The New Year Right with Sweet Moments

Channel love and harmony with these fun activities.

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on the third day of Lunar New Year. Offer a gesture of love and appreciation for the people you care about with this fuss-free sweet treat: Chocolate Earl Grey Ice Cream

RECIPE: Celebrate both Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year with Chocolate Earl Grey Ice Cream


How are you styling your home this Lunar New Year?

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