Living Legacies: With Hands, They Make – The Making Of The Brass Chinese Chess Set

THE ENTIRE BRASS CHINESE CHESS SET is fully made in Singapore, from the chess board that is crafted from nyatoh wood and sapele veneer, to the engravement on every brass chess piece.
There is no better way to chronicle the tale of the collaborative auto spare parts community and the good old game of Chinese chess.

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A design practice founded by Gustavo Maggio & Wendy Chua to create experiences that tell stories of people and spaces; of craft and rituals; of flora, fauna and the environment.

Launching in April 2017, the book The Machinist tells the stories of the last generation of industrial craftsmen in Jalan Besar. Edited by Wendy Chua, Xin Xiaochang and Yuki Mitsuyasu, it documents the craft knowledge of metal lathe artisan Mr Yee Chin Hoon and jewellery made from obsolete auto-parts. Join us as we step into the last remaining workshops of Jalan Besar.


Featured on Channel 8's Hello Singapore,
狮城有约 | 匠心守艺:机床工匠