You’ll Want to Own SCENE SHANG’s XUAN Table — An Exquisite Masterpiece Designed & Crafted Entirely in Singapore


AN EXTRAORDINARY masterpiece that captures the essence of Asian tradition — the XUAN Table — centered on precious kinships and love.
Read on to find out more about the creation of the award-winning XUAN Table, made with passion and entirely handcrafted in Singapore by skilled artisans.

Inspired By History, At The Heart Of Domestic Life

A dining setting with the Baxian Table (八仙桌, bā xiān zhuō), or the Table of Eight Immortals, and gate benches all around. One could go so far as to say that the Baxian Table was at the heart of domestic life.

In the main hall of many traditional Chinese homes, from the old courtyard houses in China to the shophouses of South-east Asia, often sits a simple square table.
Known as the Baxian Table (八仙桌, bā xiān zhuō), the humble piece of furniture is named after the iconographic figures to signify a camaraderie shared especially over food and drink amongst loved ones and kin.
More than just for meals, the Baxian Table would take on numerous functions — covered with festive fabrics and used for celebrations, a work desk, tea sessions, and for leisurely games such as mahjong.

We sought to design a table that would not only capture the essence of tradition but also become a modern day masterpiece — a table that could fit contemporary needs through transformation, while preserving a beautiful and timeless aesthetic.

Timeless Design With Contemporary Purpose & Sensibility

Transforming the table is a simple lifting or lowering of the triangular flaps, and shifting the supporting wood and brass legs below.

The aesthetics of the XUAN Table are inspired by the clean lines of classic Ming Dynasty design, and simplified for a timeless look, fitting right in with today’s contemporary styles.
A slim console could be tucked away along a wall in urban homes, a triangular table could be tucked into a corner and the square table opened up when desired. The multiple forms can be chosen according to one’s need and fancy.

SCENE SHANG’s award-winning pieces: JIA JU Rocking Stool and XUAN Table. The square table was first divided into triangles in the design process, taking inspiration from an avant garde three-sided mahjong table from the 1960s chanced upon at a Singaporean Chinese gentlemen's club.

“A table is often a focal point for gathering and where relationships are fostered. Now imagine if the table could also transform to encourage different activities, from playing games to eating and drinking and so on... these moments together create a sense of warmth at home.”

— Jessica Wong, Designer and Co-founder

Highly versatile, the XUAN Table makes the perfect piece to create space at home for meaningful moments. Gather around with your loved ones for activities, food and drinks over heartfelt chatter.

Designed & Made In Singapore

Ah Kiong, a master craftsman in his 70s, brings our design to life skillfully. He is also the hands and one of the living legacies behind the chessboard of the limited edition Brass Chinese Chess Set.

At SCENE SHANG, we work closely with traditional artisans from Asia to reimagine the silhouettes of yesteryear for the urban home. With the XUAN Table, we bring to you a masterpiece crafted by one of Singapore's most highly skilled and sought-after craftsman.

Prototype testing to ensure that the flaps can be folded and be stable.

Through several iterations, the perfect angles and shapes were created, and matched with a folding mechanism for the supporting legs.

Finely crafted walnut wood in raw finish, awaiting the finishing touches.

A careful and repetitive staining process highlights the wood grains of the breathtaking beauty. Labels are then added to mark the completion and authenticity of this masterpiece.

A Modern Day Masterpiece

The beauty, up close. At the center of the XUAN Table and away from plain sight, are compartments that can house mahjong tiles. Complete with drawers for game chips or to keep mobile phones.

Silver Winner at Singapore Creator Awards 2019. An extraordinary table — revolving around the harmony of age-old traditions and contemporary purpose, centered on precious kinship and love, delighting with a hidden surprise.

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How are you creating space at home for meaningful moments?
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