"And then you love them, so you experience it through them" - Tan Kheng Hua


The Lunar New Year is particularly significant to us here at SCENE SHANG. We've had the privilege to kick start this year by working with PREP Luxe and a talented friend, Jacqueline Chang (@5degreeshift), on discovering what New Beginnings mean to 5 very inspiring women, starting with Tan Kheng Hua.


Bright and early on a Wednesday morning, we were let into a quaint shophouse with a warm, welcoming smile from Kheng Hua herself. Having always admired her work both on screen and on stage, the opening act of New Beginnings was as perfect as we would imagine it to be.

Was there a particular new beginning that stood out for you?

Yeah, I birthed my daughter… And everyday it’s so new, because they [kids] change and they grow, and they’re discovering new things for themselves and experiencing stuff that you’ve experienced, and they’ve never experienced it before. And then you love them, so you experience it through them. I think it’s one of the greatest joys, I love being a mum.It comes very naturally to me, in such a strange sort of way you know?

I love her, and I’ll always take care of her, and I’ll be there, and I’ll have a chat with her when she’s confused or lost or whatever. But my task is to make sure that she grows up and lives her own life.


And what would your favourite Chinese New Year greeting be?

My favourite one was something that Beatrice sent over to me.. “chew bak kwa”. That was so funny, I loved it.


  Tan Kheng Hua
Actor, Producer, and above all — a loving Mother.

Hair by Prep Luxe
Photography by 5degreeshift
Scene features The Lady Banker Lamp,