"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." - Viola Tan


To welcome the Lunar New Year, SCENE SHANG, together with PREP Luxe and a talented photographer, Jacqueline Chang (@5degreeshift), speak with 5 very inspiring women to discover what new beginnings mean to them. In this post, we speak with Viola Tan of Love, Bonito.



Starting something from scratch is never an easy feat, and each new year can be filled with as much hope as nervousness. Yet, nothing is more encouraging and inspiring than to hear the words of Viola, co-founder of a successful Singaporean women’s apparel brand, that once started from scratch, is now empowering women locally and regionally, full of fervent hope for the new year and their new beginnings.

Chinese New Year signifies the ushering of the new lunar year; a fresh start. What does "new beginnings" mean to you?

New beginnings would mean to me, starting on a clean slate and free from any resistance or baggage from the past. A new beginning for me recently was when Love, Bonito moved out of our old premise of five years, to a brand new and bigger space.

What have you learnt so far from this new beginning?

Love, Bonito has been growing from strength to strength as a company over the past five years. I was really heartened to have seen every one of the Love, Bonito pixies stepping up and out of their comfort zones, taking up different responsibilities to ensure the move was as smooth as possible and making this new space their own. This signifies unity and I am encouraged with the assurance that my team has got my back. "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." We are ready to conquer the world!

Can you share with us your favourite Chinese New Year greeting?

I believe in being generous with blessings and greetings so I usually string many phrases together. The blessings differ from person to person but the one phrase I will always use regardless, will be "身体健康, 出入平安" (a blessing to wish great health, peace and safety to another).


Viola Tan
Co-founder of Love, Bonito, fashionista, makes her home in a beautiful apartment overlooking forestry greens.

Hair by Prep Luxe
Photography by 5degreeshift