Contemporary Ways to Bring Oriental Vibes Into Your Home for the Lunar New Year with SCENE SHANG


IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS THAT MATTER. This Year of the Tiger, we are focusing on the details that speak a thousand words. Uncover our secrets to contemporary and timeless decor for your home. Find out what elements to focus on and style your own magazine-worthy space that will wow your guests.

1. Dare to Pink

Strength in femininity.

The Year of the Tiger symbolises bold actions. Dare to use pink in your home decor as a striking , timeless and elegant statement. While pink is traditionally associated with femininity and tenderness, the colour evokes joy and can sooth negative emotions. The red undertones add a sense of warmth, making a space feel more inviting. We used blush pink satin to further enhance the meaningful message behind the Tigerlily watercolor illustration from Ying The Label.

The tigerlily represents a virtuous confidence, one with mercy and compassion. Illustrated through fluid, watercolour strokes on blush pink satin, the SCENE SHANG x Ying The Label - THE GENTLEMAN Cane Chair and Ottoman in ‘Dare To Love’ is a celebration of femininity and unyielding grace within all of us. Li Ying created the print hoping to inspire others to love and accept themselves for who they are.

SCENE SHANG x Ying The Label — THE GENTLEMAN Cane Chair in ‘Dare To Love’ Satin SGD$880

SCENE SHANG x Ying The Label — Ottoman, Satin SGD$590

*Available in Blush and Sky

A family of tigers lounge blissfully on a mountain top amongst lush greenery, symbolising harmony and vitality. Auspicious gold coins adorn the cliff and strong trees, wealth flows in the waterfall.

Cushions are a quick and easy way to change up the decor at home. Our original design for Blessings Gift Envelopes - Prosperity Mountain is also on new luxurious satin cushions! This year, our cushions are double-sided and come in Plum Blossom Pink and Emperor Yellow. On one side - a family of tigers lounge blissfully and on the other side - a bold, modern look with tiger stripes. Choose to brighten up your living space with warm pink tones or cool golden hues.

Prosperity Mountain Satin Cushion - Plum Blossom Pink Set of 2 SGD$88


Prosperity Mountain Satin Cushion - Emperor Yellow Set of 2 SGD$88


Described as the king of birds, the phoenix only appears in times of peace and abundance, an auspicious symbol for the home.

Our lovely friends at Binary Style have collaborated with The Intan to come up with a brilliant selection of linen tableware in The Nyonya Table collection. Auspicious phoenix and peony are illustrated in vibrant colours to usher in harmony, good fortune and well being into your homes. Enliven your dining area with a runner, placemats and napkins!

Binary Style x The Intan - The Nyonya Table Linen Napkins Set of 4 SGD$70

Binary Style x The Intan - The Nyonya Table Linen Table Runner SGD$88

Binary Style x The Intan - The Nyonya Table Linen Placemats Set of 4 SGD$100

2. Contemporary Blessings

Black Japan Bokujuu ink on Xuan Paper. Start the New Year with abundant Love. 爱 by Ryan Loi.

Instead of the usual red or gold Chinese sayings, why not commission a contemporary calligraphy in Chinese that wishes blessings and can be displayed throughout the year?

Calligraphy is where symbol and gesture meet, where words become a picture, a physical form of emotion. This traditional art form often fits modern homes because of its minimal yet emotive appearance. Gift a beautiful writing or display it proudly at home, for a bold and moving statement. View it at SCENE SHANG Loft or enquire with us on custom orders.

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Ryan Loi (pen name 夜焱) is a Calligraphy artist. His works encompass strong imagery and evocative brush strokes, which are deeply inspired by his interest in zen philosophy, contemporary art forms and his roots in South East Asian culture. Under the tutelage of Japanese Calligraphy Master, Kimie Nagai 永井 公栄 (pen name 蒼椰), his journey began by studying the classic styles of Calligraphy and imitating the works of masters.

3. Natural Beauty

Earth and water, craft in passion.

Make your home feel inviting with timeless materials such as clay, wood and plants. Celebrate Mother Nature by bringing in fresh plants, accented with natural textures from wood and earthenware for a warm, cosy vibe to your home.
Pottery and clay is a slow craft that produces beautiful pieces, you’re bound to find one that speaks to you. Every curve and grain formed by a gentle touch, every one unique with their own story to tell. Enjoy a much more immersive experience when you catch up over tea this Lunar New Year, with specialised tableware, handmade by Kim Whye Kee. Experience the journey with mindfully crafted pottery from Qi Pottery available exclusively at SCENE SHANG Loft.

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Hang Oriental Decorations from Qua on pussy willows in a WEAVE Weatherproof Planter for a festive touch.

From a handy seat, to additional storage, and even a planter, our WEAVE Weatherproof Collection is full of versatile pieces to refresh your home with natural texture! Made of 100% recyclable, woven synthetic fibres, our weatherproof designs are hard-wearing, UV treated and waterproof. This makes it easy to have a cohesive style indoors and outdoors.

WEAVE Weatherproof Planters From SGD$200

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WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stool - Tri Colour SGD$350

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Our team's favourite tips: Spruce up with fresh plants. Our WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stool triples’ as a handy seat, additional storage and even as a planter!

4. Invigorate The Senses

The Year of the Tiger symbolises bold action. Embody the zodiac with our energizing home fragrances in Jade Courtyard.

Enliven your home with a sweet, fruity and luxurious blend of lily of the valley, musk, grapefruit and rose. Usher in the Year of the Tiger with energizing Jade Courtyard. Choose to use a Room Mist, Scented Candle, or Essential Oil in a portable YUN II Desktop Diffuser!

Jade Courtyard Scented Candle SGD$89

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Jade Courtyard Papercut Diffuser SGD$89.90

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Jade Courtyard Room Mist SGD$39.90

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Jade Courtyard Essential Oil SGD$29.90

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YUN Desktop Diffuser II SGD$59

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5. New Year, New Sheets

Step into your personal sanctuary for peace and tranquility.

Turn your bedroom into your dream haven. In collaboration with Weavve Home, we have created exquisite Jade Blossoms bedding. Our stunning Jade Blossoms print inspired by Peranakan tiles is now on soft, silky and sustainable bedsheets made of 100% eucalyptus. Drift into the most luxurious rest with revolutionary TENCEL Lyocell material that keeps you at optimal temperature throughout your sleep, and feels wonderfully soft on your skin.

Make this peaceful bedroom your everyday oasis, with THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Jade on JING Side Table with Carrara marble and rose gold. Natural materials bring a cosy vibe, consider our HYACINTH Weave Drum Stools and KIAN Old Elm Wood Gate Bench that take up minimal space and bring major style. Further complement the relaxing hues of jade with Middle Kingdom Porcelain and ‘Teatime In Chinatown’ art from Louise Hill Design.

SCENE SHANG x Weavve Home - Jade Blossoms Classic Lyocell Set From SGD$369

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THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Jade SGD$280

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JING Side Table From SGD$460

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Visit SCENE SHANG Loft for ready stocks in other beautiful marbles and base finishes

HYACINTH Weave Drum Stool - Large SGD$160

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KIAN Old Elm Wood Gate Bench SGD$280

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Teatime In Chinatown SGD$295

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One comforting slumber to a brighter day. Enjoy soft pillows in a soothing shade of blue.

Our award-winning ‘Love Is A Warm Brew’ print is now available on pillows from Weavve Home! Inspired by the memories of warm drinks Mom and Grandma used to make, local ingredients are illustrated in a batik style to create a pattern universally recognisable by all Singaporeans.

To echo the soft, blue hues, style your bedroom with Mini Windows II by renowned local artist Arthur P. Y. Ting and ‘Little Chinese Shoes’ by Louise Hill Design. THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Pearl brings an angelic glow to the room so you drift off into a gentle slumber.

SCENE SHANG x Weavve Home - Love is a Warm Brew Lyocell Pillow Case Pair (Blue) SGD$59

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Mini Windows II - Blue SGD$590

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Little Chinese Shoes From SGD$296

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THE BANKER Lamp - Pearl SGD$280

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Choose relaxing, light colours for your bedroom to help your mind unwind faster and get better sleep! Pastel hues go wonderfully with white and light-coloured wood. Pair pink pillows with white bedding and declutter by organising your knick knacks in an ART DECO Cane Tray - Natural.

SCENE SHANG x Weavve Home - Love is a Warm Brew Lyocell Pillow Case Pair (Pink) SGD$59

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ART DECO Cane Tray - Natural SGD$69

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6. Share Your Blessings

Wellness Wednesdays calls for gentle tea breaks.

Grandma Lotus makes Traditional Chinese Medicine convenient for all! Bless your loved ones with a gift of good health, with natural herbs and a beautiful, porcelain mug designed by SCENE SHANG. A gold lotus takes center stage, representing life and resilience, emerging from the mud to bloom into a beautiful flower. Get our special tea mug and 5 sachets of Grandma Lotus’ best selling teas in our SCENE SHANG x Grandma Lotus Limited Edition Gift Set. Browse our ready stocks for more gift ideas or beautiful pieces to spruce up in time for Lunar New Year!

SCENE SHANG x Grandma Lotus Limited Edition Gift Set SGD$49.90

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Qua presents to you a luxuriant Goodie Box, Round, decorated with little cherry blossom patterns.

Spread joy and good fortune with glistening lacquerware embellished by pretty cherry blossom illustrations from Qua. Fill an elegant Cherry Blossom Eight Treasures Box with candied fruits, nuts, and a Cherry Blossom Coffee & Tea Caddy with your best teas. Place it on your coffee table for guests to help themselves to what you’ve curated!

Cherry blossoms signify love and prosperity. These illustrations depict the perfect half-bud-half-bloom flowers to signify new beginnings, making these perfect for the new year giftings or a housewarming.

Cherry Blossom Eight Treasures Box SGD$268

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Cherry Blossom Coffee & Tea Caddy SGD$208

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Complimentary Blessings Gift Envelopes - Prosperity Mountain with Every Purchase*
*Minimum spend of $50, while stocks last. Limited to one redemption per customer.

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