Elevate Your New Year Gatherings with a Flourishing Fortune Dining Scene



WITH BOLD STROKES AND VIBRANT COLOURS, Moo Print & Bull Print capture the vigour and vitality of 2021, Year of the Ox. Brighten up your home with lively hues for a fresh start to the New Year.

1. Flourishing Fortune Cushions

Create a cosy and inviting space with plush Flourishing Fortune Cushions in Moo Print and Bull Print. Display them on your chairs for a soft lean-back.


Swapping out cushions is a quick and easy way to add festive touches to your home. Bring an added element of luxury with our soft, velvet Flourishing Fortune Cushions in Moo Print and Bull Print.


Flourishing Fortune Cushion - Bull SGD$28.90

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Flourishing Fortune Cushion - Moo SGD$28.90

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2. Flourishing Fortune Mugs

Mesmerising Bull Print and Moo Print with gold details. Make a statement with every sip you take from our Flourishing Fortune Mugs.

Embrace the bold and vibrant Year of the Ox where you work and play. Use it at your office desk or a cosy corner when you rest and recuperate. Share auspicious blessings, gift our Flourishing Fortune Mug in Bull Print or Moo Print to a loved one!

Flourishing Fortune Mug - Bull SGD$15.90

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Flourishing Fortune Mug - Moo SGD$15.90

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3. Flourishing Fortune Linens

Create a vibrant dining scene with the beautiful Moo Print and Bull Print homeware, ready for harmonious joy. The beautiful Flourishing Fortune Linen Coasters protect your furniture and drinkware.

Dress your dining table up with Flourishing Fortune Linen Placemats, Tea Towels, and Coasters. The boldness of Moo Print and Bull Print pair wonderfully with natural materials and neutral colours, creating a contemporary and elegant atmosphere. 

Flourishing Fortune Linen Placemat Set of 4 SGD$59

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Flourishing Fortune Linen Tea Towel Set of 2 SGD$26.90 

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Flourishing Fortune Linen Coaster Set of 4 SGD$15.90

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4. Blessings Gift Envelopes - Flourishing Fortune, Elegant Chopsticks, & Hampers

Golden bulls, symbols of strength and enduring vitality, adorn a bountiful bamboo grove. Our highly anticipated Blessings Gift Envelopes - Flourishing Fortune is available in a limited edition pack of 8.

Gift loved ones with abundant blessings, present them with the lively Blessings Gift Envelopes - Flourishing Fortune for an auspicious start to the new year. Display them on your dining spaces as easy, beautiful decoration.

For final touches to the scene, use elegant chopsticks. Check out our Rosewood Chopsticks in Natural/Ebony, FU Chopsticks and Chicken Wing Wood Chopsticks

We’ve come up with exclusive hampers full of Flourishing Fortune wares, Blessings Gift Envelopes, and Chopsticks, so you have a complete set of homeware to enjoy or to gift. Browse our YU 余 Hamper Basket and FENG 丰 Hamper Basket.


Blessings Gift Envelopes - Flourishing Fortune Pack of 8 SGD$12.90

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Rosewood Chopsticks Set of 5
Rosewood Chopsticks Set of 5 SGD$69.90

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Rosewood Chopsticks - Ebony Set of 5 SGD$69.90

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FU Chopsticks Set of 5 SGD$29.90

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Chicken Wing Wood Chopsticks Set of 5 SGD$49.90

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Exclusive Festive Hamper Baskets

Get them in all our limited hamper baskets! Beautiful homeware for you to elevate the festive dining experience for you and your loved ones.

The YU 余 Hamper Basket is part of our festive duo to usher in the New Year, together with the FENG 丰 Hamper Basket.


YU 余 Hamper Basket SGD$98

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FENG 丰 Hamper Basket SGD$188

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5. Kala Pata Treasure Box

Vibrant Kala Pata Padma Treasure Box and Pink Peony Treasure Box are beautiful and functional. 

Serve festive treats and snacks with these fine designs for guests to help themselves so that you can make your rounds and bond with loved ones. 

Looking for other easy ways to delight your guests? Offer a gesture of love and appreciation for the people you care about with this fuss-free sweet treat made with Quinteassential Tea - Imperial Earl Grey: Chocolate Earl Grey Ice Cream 


Padma Treasure Box SGD$238

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Pink Peony Treasure Box SGD$238 

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6. MusicCloth®Paper Cut Animals - Bull

Unique and sentimental. Cassette tapes are handwoven to form an auspicious bull, coupled with meaningful blessings to create a fine art piece for the Year of the Ox. For blessings of longevity and health, MusicCloth®Paper Cut Animals - Cranes makes a wonderful gift.

满院春光 - The light of springtime gently dapples through a bounteous bamboo grove.
壮志凌云 - Renewed aspirations soar amongst billowing clouds.

Flaunt your beautiful wares when you video call friends and family. Style a memorable and novel zoom corner that stands out from others with unique touches such as elegant MusicCloth®Paper Cut Animals - Bull. Beautiful wares that are rich in culture and heritage elevate your space and serve as meaningful conversation starters.

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How are you styling your home this Lunar New Year?

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