Experience Ultimate Relaxation in Your Personal Paradise at Home — Replace Awkward Spaces With Custom Made Side Tables for the Look & Fit of Your Dreams


REVEL IN PERSONALISED LUXURY with bespoke furniture. From the size, shape, colour, and even to the material, the make of your pieces affects not only how you move in a space, but also how you feel. Custom made furniture gives you the perfect look and fit so you can enjoy ultimate relaxation in your personal haven at home. Here’s what you need to know about our custom made pieces and what they can do for you, starting off with our JING Side Tables and YUAN Loft Side Tables.

Simplified symmetry and style. Made with a metal frame topped with marble or old elm wood, the JING Side Table is a beautiful addition to any space.

Often overlooked or added as an afterthought, side tables actually play a very important role in your homes. When designed to be at just the right height, things such as your coffee mug or your phone are placed conveniently within your reach without having to bend too low. When the right material combinations are selected, side tables can help to accent your rooms, adding interest and balance. Have a particularly awkward corner or a specific look you want to achieve? We can help you get exactly what you need.


Bold and mysterious. Jeanine’s JING Side Table in Nero Marquina Marble and Brass Plated Stainless Steel frame fits her decor perfectly.

NEED: A furniture piece to fit her subwoofer speaker under, in the corner of her living room, next to her existing TV console.
WANT: One that goes with her aesthetic.

Jeanine’s home is minimalistic yet bold. She has a tasteful use of luxurious materials, colours, and keeps her home clutter-free so it feels open and comfortable. She wanted us to customise a JING Side Table with simple, clean lines, making it the same height as her TV console, with just enough space for her subwoofer speaker to be tucked neatly underneath. As it is an open frame, the speaker can be used right where it is (the floor helps to amplify the sound) and her entertaining space remains neat and tidy.
Nero Marquina Marble provides subtle contrast to the other black surfaces, the reflective surface of the marble and striking white grains look stunning. The Brass Plated Stainless Steel frame ties in seamlessly with Jeanine’s other gold and brass accents, and together, it looks like an exquisite set!

Furniture Care Tip: Natural stone and marble are soft and porous materials - special care needs to be taken. To protect the surface, SCENE SHANG applies sealer to all polished surfaces. As it will be less effective over time, we recommend occasional reapplication (available from hardware stores). For regular cleaning, use a soft cloth with warm water to wipe the surfaces gently.


Just the right touch of colour with Emperor's Blossom Marble and Platinum Frost Stainless Steel.

NEED: To fill an awkward corner.
WANT: Something to elevate the space and match the colour scheme.

Sue-Ann approached the SCENE SHANG Team for a beautiful side table that would complement her living room. For her neutral colour palette with lots of greys and muted tones, we paired a cool and refined Platinum Frost Stainless Steel with Emperor’s Blossom Marble for a light yet striking shade of coral to brighten up her space with elegance and luxury.
The glossy finish and natural glow of marble effortlessly brings opulence to any space. Natural grain and patterns add texture, contrasting the solid surfaces surrounding it, which brings character to the room. By choosing a rare marble, Sue-Ann’s custom made side table was even more special and unique. A show-stopper like this is sure to be your new favourite furniture at home, prepare for compliments from all of your guests!

HOME SPOTLIGHT: Leonard & Grace

Soulmates! These 2 side tables come from the same piece of marble, carefully split so that they fit perfectly back together, preserving nature’s artwork. We like to call this, ‘The Dragon’.

NEED: Side Tables that fit their theme of balance.
WANT: To be surprised.

Be bold, flaunt your style by mixing marbles for a luxurious vibe! Many homes have marble flooring to feel cool in the hot weather and elevate the space with elegance. When done right, marble furniture can look beautiful with marble flooring, and even elevate the space even more.
Leonard and Grace’s household has a timeless colour palette of neutrals, white, rich black and brown accents, and lots of natural materials. This stunning Green Onyx fits right in and stands out from the neutral colour of the existing marble floor. Beautiful brown swirls and grains look mesmerising, enveloped by a light, iridescent glow — what a masterpiece. By pairing their matching black leather armchairs with these Green Onyx Marble top JING Side Tables with matching grains, the space now looks full of character and grandeur.

Ethereal beauty of YUAN Loft Side Tables inspired by mystical Chinese gardens. Channel a tranquil Utopia with Jade Green Marble and Brass Plated Stainless Steel in geometric shapes that symbolise good living and unity.

Get creative with side tables, they can be more than just circles and squares, and don’t forget the legs! Our legs and frames are a SCENE SHANG Signature; strong, clean lines draw inspiration from traditional Chinese designs and look minimalistic and elegant.

HOME SPOTLIGHT: Annie & Gerrit

Best of both worlds. Short and tall YUAN Loft Side Tables with MEI Plum and LIU Hexagon Solid Elm Wood tops look striking on Brass Plated Stainless Steel legs. With the company of a charming pug, this scene is hard to beat!

NEED: A stand for the jar aquariums.
WANT: Timeless designs that are also multi-functional.
Annie and Gerrit were looking for contemporary pieces to house their plants and fishes and found the perfect stands in the form of our YUAN Loft Side Tables and Vase Stands. Inspired by classical Chinese geometry and made with modern appeal, these side tables in varying heights and table top shapes compliments anything on display. We think they especially work well with green plants, flowers, and in the case of Annie and Gerrit, their jar aquariums that house water plants and bright fighting fish.

Styling Tip: Break up the monotony with varying heights! Use furniture of different heights to create visual interest.


A combination befitting an art gallery; YUAN Loft Side Table - MEI Plum in Nero Marquina and Brass Plated Stainless Steel partners the eye-catching 147 Neil Road by Arthur P. Y. Ting.

NEED: A surface to ground the wall art without obstructing the walkway.
WANT: Something elegant to complement the art piece.

Styling Tip: Mixing shapes helps a space look fresh and interesting. A combination of curves and straight lines feel more balanced.

Wall art often looks better when accompanied by something at the bottom, for balance and also to help guide the eyes. This includes side tables, cabinets, shelves, seats, or even plants. In Sally’s case, she wanted to place something under the artwork, which was at the end of a narrow corridor, so she opted for a smaller piece in our YUAN Loft Side Table - MEI Plum. The luxurious side table not only complements the beautiful framed art, but elevates the overall aesthetics of the space, creating an air of importance and elegance that urges one to pause and appreciate its beauty.

How do you make your home your personal paradise?
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