How To #MakeAScene: Insta-ready Bedside & Dining Spaces with Styling Tips from SCENE SHANG



TRANSFORM YOUR HOME into the immaculate interior design shots you see in magazines! If you’ve been double-tapping beautiful homes on Instagram and Pinterest, here’s the final puzzle piece to put all that inspiration to good use. We’re giving you our styling tips so you can achieve a Pin-worthy haven at home. Let’s start with where we eat and sleep: our bedside and dining tables.

Keep Your Bedside Luxe & Chic

The last thing you see before you sleep, and the first thing you see when you wake. Manifest positive energy with elegant decor for the side table by your bed.

Nightstands are the coffee tables of bedrooms. It’s where you place your essentials that you instinctively reach for in the morning when you wake up, such as your glasses, watch, and mobile phone. Bedside tables can help make things more convenient for you, and accent your rooms, adding interest and balance.

Pictures from a special place, JIA Brass Paperweight, little bits of nature, what tells your story? (Credit: @canvussg and @28mayx)

Set the mood with what you choose to display. A good rule of thumb is to keep it personal and practical. This gives you the freedom to express your own unique style and maintain functionality. We love using meaningful items such as gifts, a souvenir from a trip, anything that has a story to tell.

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Get ready for restful sleep with a relaxing bedtime routine. Unplug and unwind, set your phone aside and lean back into comfy pillows. Read a book by THE BANKER Desk Lamp to get your mind off work. (Credit: Vivian and @brenda_lifang)

Make a bold statement with marble. The luxurious JING Side Table comes in an array of marble choices so you can find the perfect match for your classy bedroom. Admire the natural veins and high gloss when the light from THE BANKER Desk Lamp graces the marble top.

THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Nero Marquina SGD$280.00

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Bask in a natural sanctuary with wood accents. (Credit: Lloyd’s Inn, Beautiful Big Garden Room, exclusively styled by @naiise and @ourresalehdb)

Natural materials are always timeless and versatile. The elegant YUAN Loft Side Table with rich elm wood brings texture and matches any style. MEI Plum and LIU Hexagon shapes add a touch of heritage and interest to your personal sanctuary.

YUAN Loft Side Table (Short) - MEI Plum From SGD$420.00

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YUAN Loft Side Table (Short) - LIU Hexagon From SGD$420.00

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Create a Focal Point with Splashes of Colour

Turn your dining table into a beautiful art piece, dress it up to create an inviting atmosphere.

Recreate your favourite masterpieces! We love the artistic, still life painting vibe of using produce as decor.

Refine your everyday space, to enhance your environment and lift your spirits. We use our dining tables as a common space to eat, play, and work. Make it a welcoming area for loved ones to gather and bond.

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Energise your dining space with revitalising plants and flowers. (Credit: @semi_ra_mis)

Breathe life into your home with accents of vibrant nature. Luscious greenery and blooming flowers never fail to refresh your space. Visit the local nursery to spruce up your home with seasonal plants to craft your own vibe! Explore various shades of green, leaf shapes and colours of plants.


A mesmerising sea of beautiful colours, a dining experience one will never forget. (Credit: Kenneth and @msmartinique)

Let your dining table be the star of the show, choose a table top that stands out from your flooring. Our MING and SINGER Dining Tables come in both marble and elm wood tops to suit all your contemporary needs.
Or dress it up with beautiful linens! Use placemats and runners to add layers of colour and texture. The beautiful contrast will create more visual interest and draw attention to the table.

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