Quick Style Tips to Spruce up Your Home This Lunar New Year



The Lunar New Year comes early this year, seems like we were just celebrating over Christmas a short while ago. If you’re short on time, here are some quick ways you can spruce up your home to welcome in, arguably the most important and longest festive event on the lunar calendar.  


1. Go Minimalistic

A beautiful blend of tradition and modernity: Middle Kingdom's Medium Sage Vase paired together with the Medium Lover Vase, both in light rose interior and glazed celadon exterior, seen here on the cool, fine grains of the Fio De Pesco marble.

If you’re short on time, you could go the minimalistic approach. Place a single stalk of plum flowers in a vase to evoke the arrival of spring. As real plum flowers are hard to come by in Singapore, artificial plum flowers have been popular Lunar New Year home decor. To create a more contemporary minimalist, zen feel, take just a single stalk, and shape it in a naturalistic, twisty manner to evoke the feeling of beauty blooming with resilience. 



2. Colourful Flowers = Happiness

Pink Lilies – Love, admiration, compassion. A classic bouquet that is used by many to woo their love interest or just to express how much you love mom or grandma. Pink lilies are subtle and adds just the right amount of colour to any home. 

Lunar New Year doesn’t have to just be about the usual flowers like plum blossoms, chrysanthemums and etc. We recommend going to your local florist and to just pick out a variety of fresh blooms of different colours that appeal to your senses, and arranging them in a vase on your dining table as a focal point. This year we chose lilies for their beautiful pinks to match with cheerful daisies and elegant phoenix flowers as our centerpieces. The name for lilies in Chinese also sound similar to that of harmony (he) and that’s something we love having at home.



3. Quickly Refresh with Cheerful Cushions

Nutmeg or pala, in Malay language, was one of the spices that attracted the early settlers to Singapore who dreamt to make it big. Featured in the lush artwork designed by Binary Style, seen here on our cushions, upholstered drum stool and limited edition Paramour Screen. Immerse in our rich culture and heritage at SCENE SHANG Raffles Hotel.

Cushions are the easiest ways to refresh a space, quickly bringing a change of colours to suit every occasion. Having plenty of plush ones will also make a living space look instantly inviting for your guests.



4. Red, Gathered

An alluring group of fine porcelain and works of imperial calibre: Scholar Vase, Plum Vase and Jade Ring Vase. More beautiful colours and designs available in-stores.

Red is an auspicious colour that symbolizes luck, joy and happiness, and we really can’t do without this for the Lunar New Year. You might not want to paint your whole house red, but you could make an impact and focus, by placing a few red items of different shapes and sizes, gathered together in your home, like on a coffee table or side table.



5. Light Up

With sleek white glass shade, matched with Nero Marquina marble and brass stems, our new edition THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Moonlight, adds an unmistakable touch of luxe to any space. A well-loved, contemporary piece.

Tradition has it to leave the lights on till late over the Lunar New Year’s Eve into the Lunar New Year. Leave the light on a feature lamp such as THE BANKER Desk Lamp, equipped with an energy-saving LED bulb, in a prominent space at home to create a festive mood.



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How are you styling your home this Lunar New Year? We'd love to see it.

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