Spend Quality Time in Dreamy Luxury — Enhance Your Home With Custom Made Dining Tables from SCENE SHANG


LIVE YOUR DREAM with bespoke furniture. From the size, shape, colour, and even to the material, the make of your pieces affects not only how you move in a space, but also how you feel. Custom made furniture gives you the perfect look and fit so you can enjoy ultimate relaxation in your personal haven at home.
Here’s what you need to know about our custom made pieces and what they can do for you, specifically, our MING Dining Tables and SINGER Dining Tables. Also introducing our new designs HARMONY and EDEN Dining Tables, keep reading for sneak peeks!

The dining table is the heart of a home - a place where loved ones gather together and share special moments. Let the MING Dining Table be the centre of those moments.

One of the most-used furniture at home is also the most overlooked, dining tables actually provide the biggest enhancement to your dream space. We use our dining tables as a common space to eat, play, and work; especially now that we are home so much more. It’s more important than ever to refine our everyday spaces, enhance our environment and lift our spirits.

When designed to be at just the right size, you’ll find it easier to move around your dining space and interact with others at the table. When the right material combinations are selected, dining tables can help elevate your home with elegance and a dash of character.
Have a more complicated dining space or a specific look you want to achieve? We can help you get exactly what you need.


Step into a rejuvenating sanctuary. Natural wood adds warmth to the snowy white room and contemporary lines create a timeless oasis.

NEED: A dining table that fits this narrow room.
WANT: Luxurious vibes to elevate the mood.

Shawn was looking for a dining table that fits into the narrow dining space and also complements his elegant, minimalistic style at home. The solution was a slim MING Dining Table and MING Dining Bench in combination with his own dining chairs.

The long table and bench provides more seating space for when guests come over. And for cosier days, the dining bench can easily be tucked under the dining table, and pushed against the wall to form a lovely nook for two.

We love the choice of beautiful Volakas Marble and Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel legs. Together with the matching white rug, walls, and dining chairs, natural light bounces off and fills the small space, making it appear taller, brighter, and more spacious.

Styling Tip: Dining benches give a cleaner look and help to ground a table. It’s a great choice for smaller spaces as it can fit more guests and be tucked under the table when not in use.

Can’t decide between dining chairs and benches? Try mixing them for the best of both worlds! If you have an open space concept where the dining area is with the living room, place your dining chairs on the same side of the wall to make your home appear larger.


Industrial Elegance. Raw yet refined for the contemporary trend setter. Enjoy a refreshing dining experience with the fusion of Industrial and Modern styles.

NEED: A long and narrow dining table that is easy to clean and maximises her living space.
WANT: To complement her contemporary aesthetics.

For small households that love hosting, a rectangular dining table is the way to go. It takes up the least space and can seat the most number of guests. Pamela, our co-founder, loves connecting with loved ones over a delicious meal so the MING Dining Table with Solid Elm Wood and Platinum Frost Stainless Steel legs is a perfect fit for her needs and contemporary style.

To maximise her living space, Pamela chose to go with slim and long measurements, choosing a solid elm wood top that is 230cm long and 60cm wide. The slim, long table provides a generous surface for delectable feasts without taking up too much space. With both a dining bench and dining chairs, older guests can opt for seats with more back support and kids can sit together on the bench. The length of the MING Dining Bench can also be customised to seat more guests or to fit under the table so it’s easier to clean the floor and free up more space.

Simple, clean lines of the MING Collection helps to create an elegant, open vibe. Together with the natural wood and metal frame, this timeless design elevates her modern home.

Styling Tip: Choose a narrow table to maximise space. Dining tables are usually 70 - 80 cm wide but dare to go slimmer (Pamela chose to go with 60 cm) for a big table without looking too chunky or taking up too much space.


Bon appétit! Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures and with such an exquisite dining table, every meal becomes a luxurious experience.

NEED: A table large enough to use for occasional dining, work and study.
WANT: A table to complement her style.

The size of dining tables can help to balance your space and appear more aesthetically pleasing. This large MING Dining Table is the epitome of balance and luxury. It reduces negative space by grounding the tall room, and brings symmetry through its timeless design.

Nero Marquina Marble and Brass Plated Stainless Steel legs take the classic black-and-gold combo to more refined heights, and brings a beautiful contrast against her white marble floor. The exquisite materials create an air of luxury and a dining experience that’s hard to beat.

Styling Tip: Create a focal point by choosing a contrasting table top to pop out from the flooring.

Who can forget the fond memories of mom or grandma’s sewing machine? The humble domestic fixture inspires the SINGER Collection - a dining table with intricate legs and a matching bench to gather over at home - a definite nod to nostalgia with a functional purpose.

“Dining with one's friends and beloved family is certainly one of life's primal and most innocent delights, one that is both soul-satisfying and eternal.” — Julia Child

Spend quality time with friends and family, serve them a lovely meal on the bold SINGER Dining Table. Strong legs in an intricate design inspired by vintage sewing machines instantly makes your space look put together, setting a nostalgic vibe to reminisce and create new, beautiful memories.


Stunning symphony of lines and geometry in the legs of SINGER Dining Table.

NEED: A spacious dining table.
WANT: Something eye-catching that stands out from the marble floor.

With luxurious marble flooring, Kenneth’s new dining table faced the challenge of complementing its grandeur. In addition to the beautiful green marble top with chamfered profile, the intricate brass plated legs of SINGER Dining Table adds character and interest.

The striking green shade of marble not only matches the elegance of Kenneth’s home, but further elevates the space with uniqueness and the timeless SINGER design channels nostalgia.

NEW LAUNCH: HARMONY Dining Table & EDEN Dining Table

Looking for more fresh, unique options? Here are some new designs with special materials that look good and feel good. View the new dining tables at our Flagship Store to experience the exquisite combination of Sintered Stone and Brass/ Rose Gold Plated legs yourself!

Introducing the new HARMONY Dining Table. A classic, contemporary dining table featuring a geometric plum shape, inspired by classical Chinese gardens, set within an oval rectangle Sintered Stone top, resting on electroplated stainless steel legs. Featuring Germain Side Chairs from Journey East.

A harmonious setting for loved ones to gather around. V-shaped Brass Plated Stainless Steel legs add visual interest with strong geometric lines and provide leg space for diners at the ends of the table. The Sintered Stone top makes things easier for hosting the perfect meals, being scratch-proof and waterproof, so you can focus on quality time together.

Presenting the new EDEN Dining Table. Elegant arches of the contemporary, art deco inspired base, paired with a round top surface echo an enchanting eden. Featuring Anna Side Chairs from Journey East.

Channel a mystical zen garden with symmetry and luxurious materials of the EDEN Dining Table. Scratch and stain resistant Sintered Stone top together with Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel legs, makes a timeless design for everlasting class and serenity.

How do you make your home your personal paradise?
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