Styling Secrets from SCENE SHANG: How to Decorate Modern-Day Interiors With An Asian-Inspired Style


To “scene shang” is to discover a new appreciation for Asian history and heritage. Complement the warm elegance of an Asian-inspired style with the coolness of a contemporary interior, to bring wonder and freshness. 
In this blog post, we'll let you in on some styling secrets on how to include Asian-inspired elements into your very own contemporary homes.

1. A single, or a pair, of gate bench(es) as entrance greetings


A pair of KIAN Old Elm Wood Gate Benches dresses up the entrance to SHANG HOUSE.

Instead of stone lions, use gate benches as a contemporary entrance feature. As a simple and zen-like piece of furniture, gate benches take up a streamlined footprint and are also functional as seating for you and your guests to put on shoes. 

KIAN Old Elm Wood Gate Bench $280.00

2. Pair a vivacious colour with a neutral palette

The Rugmaker Flushing Carpet The Tropicals Collection

The rich purple hues from the EMBRACE ME Art Deco Cushions and the carpet - Flushing, from The Tropical Collection by The Rug Maker, add life and warmth to a cool contemporary interior. The Rug Maker carpets available for order in all SCENE SHANG Stores.

Asian-style is vivacious and lively - just think of the richly coloured historical palaces of the emperors, sultans, maharajahs and kings. In a contemporary setting, play off a vibrant hue such as purple as an accent against a contemporary neutral palette of wood, blacks and whites, creating a warm and charming Asian-styled contemporary interior. 

EMBRACE ME Art Deco Cushion The Cathay
EMBRACE ME Cushion - The Cathay Building $26.90

3. Harmony of materials

Invisible System Larry Peh x SCENE SHANG

The architectural glass blocks are complemented by the clear acrylic of the Invisible System - SCENE SHANG x Larry Peh.

When decorating with an Asian-inspired style in a contemporary interior, one of the secrets to a cohesive look is to harmonise the choice of materials. If your floor colour is light, match them with Asian-inspired furniture made of light coloured woods such as beech and oak. If your interiors have glass architectural features, choose feature decor that have glass or transparent acrylic accents for an unexpected yet pleasing harmony. 

4. Lantern inspired light fixtures 


Custom made lights in wicker and fabric for SHANG HOUSE. Available for customisation, learn more. Browse TENG Wicker Hanging Lamps.

Lanterns naturally evoke the imagery of the exotic Far East. Select feature lights that are inspired by lantern designs, made of paper, fabric or other natural materials such as wicker or bamboo. 

5. Frame your art like Eastern style scrolls

YUAN Mini Windows by Arthur P. Y. Ting

YUAN Mini Windows by Arthur P.Y. Ting, with custom vertical scroll style frame at SHANG HOUSE.

A vertical scroll is one of the traditional ways to display Eastern paintings and calligraphy. Borrow this long format with a large, contemplative, white negative space to lend a contemporary zen to your prints, photos or art. 

YUAN Mini Windows by Arthur P.Y. Ting
YUAN Mini Windows by Arthur P.Y. Ting - Chinatown II

6. Dark woods against a light backdrop 


ANGGUNG Chair in Borneo Rosewood (Rengas) matched with the solid elm wood KIAN Desk custom made for SHANG House.

Another secret to Asian-inspired decor is not through aesthetic principles but through creating a calm state of mind inspired by zen principles. Use unintrusive, dark furniture, made of natural materials like wood, with simple uncluttered lines against a light backdrop filled with natural light to evoke that calming state of zen. 

7. A penchant for china 

SHANG HOUSE Middle Kingdom Porcelain

A trio of Middle Kingdom Mini Vases in pastel colours decorate a coffee table.

So closely associated with Chinese history, there's little wonder why porcelain is also known as china. Decorate your homes with contemporary porcelain designs like vases inspired by traditional forms such as the milk jar and double gourd, rendered in contemporary pastel colours.

Middle Kingdom Mini Vase Double Gourd
Double Gourd Mini Vase - Matte $42

8. It’s all in the (brass) details

Brass Drawer Detail SHANG HOUSE

Plum flower brass handle on KIAN Desk, custom made for SHANG House. 

Don’t forget that small details like oriental-inspired brass hardware can make a sophisticated and subtle statement or a big and beautiful difference to your interiors, depending on how you use them. Traditional Chinese furniture is often fitted with beautiful brass handles that bear auspicious motifs such as plum flowers, coins, clouds, etc. Look out for decor that already has these details or change the look of your existing decor by replacing handles with Asian-inspired brass handles.

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