The Small Space Issue: Nine SCENE SHANG Picks to Make Room for Relaxation


OUR URBAN HOMES are getting smaller indeed, but space is what you make of it! Treat yourself well — be sure to make room for relaxation no matter how small your space. Here are nine picks we have put together for you to reclaim your spaces and live big.

1. Expand Your Living Room

Pair the TENG Lounge Chair with the TENG Ottoman for maximum loungability. Weatherproof for your peace of mind, not a cloud will dampen your home vacation mood!


Think out of the box, who says your living room has to be confined indoors? Utilise your outdoor or balcony space to create a larger living area by adding comfortable and stylish outdoor or weatherproof furniture that complements your indoor furniture style.

OUR PICK: Kickback in style and unsurpassed comfort with the TENG Lounge Chair and TENG Ottoman. Made from sustainable weatherproof materials, this is the perfect piece to lounge in, making your weekday evenings feel like the weekend.

TENG Lounge Chair
S$680 S$612*

TENG Ottoman
S$320 S$288*

2. No Balcony Too Small

Al fresco meals accompanied by the sweet sounds of nature are surely one of the finer things in life. Here, breakfast is served up in the beautiful ART DECO Cane Tray, alongside a gorgeous setting put together by the YANG Balcony Set.

Don’t wait for the next holiday to enjoy scenic all-day breakfasts right out of bed. Create the perfect setting to reconnect and admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon with your loved one.

OUR PICK: A romantic retreat is not just a daydream with YANG Balcony Set. The chairs come with plush cushions for comfort and the small footprint means that fitting into tiny balconies is a breeze.

YANG Balcony Set
S$1000 S$900*

3. A Cosy Reading Nook

The YANG High Low Armchair is also weatherproof and perfect for you to soak up some sun on your balcony too. Hang your plant pals on the TENG Ladder to bathe in the rays with you.


Travelling doesn’t always mean you have to leave home; with a good read in hand, you can visit new secret worlds from the comfort of your armchair. Have an underutilised balcony? Get a comfortable weatherproof armchair, dress it up with some plants, grab a book and read away.

OUR PICK: What better way to relax than to sink into the plush cushions of the YANG High Low Armchair and delight in your favourite book? Your reading nook can be easily created with this generous high-back piece, so comfortable you could drift off to wonderland in it.

YANG High Low Armchair - Left
S$990 S$891*

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4. Small, Understated Luxury Marble

The neutral tones of the Fio De Pesco marble on the JING Side Table channel the feelings of calm and relaxation, making the overall atmosphere more serene. A great mood to dwell in.


Add small slabs of nature’s creation to your space for simple appreciation; you don't need huge countertops and islands to do this! Pause from time to time and admire the luxurious marble grains — delicate works of art crafted by nature.

OUR PICK: An elegant steel frame topped with marble or old elm wood, channeling contemporary Asian Art Deco elegance. The JING Side Table is a beautiful addition to any space.

JING Side Table - Fio De Pesco Marble / Black Powder-Coated Steel
S$540 S$432*

5. Transparent, Clean Frames

The tempered glass top of the JING Coffee Table allows you to enjoy the view of your tastefully styled keepsakes, magazines or knick-knacks, resting below on a solid elm wood base.

Choose furniture made of transparent materials, such as glass or acrylic, paired with thin frames, such as those made of metal, for a more open and spacious feeling. Glass table tops also bounce light off and help to create an open impression, making your space appear larger instantly.

OUR PICK: Appreciate the clarity and symmetry of the elegant JING Coffee Table (Hexagon) With Glass — slender brass elements harmonise with glass to create a contemporary space for good living.

JING Coffee Table (Hexagon) With Glass
S$990 S$792*

6. Rein in Your Clutter

With the WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stools & Poufs with Storage, your child’s precious toys or your soft furnishings and loose decor can be hidden away when you do not need them displayed, but are always still within reach.


Encourage your loved ones to stay organised by making decluttering as easy as possible with the right storage systems. Furniture that doubles up as storage serves as a quick fix when you just need to stow your clutter away and relax — out of sight, out of mind.

OUR PICK:  The hard-wearing, UV treated and waterproof synthetic fibres of the WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stools & Poufs make them suitable to be placed both indoors or outdoors for you to keep clutter such as toys, sports gear or gardening equipment away!

WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stools & Poufs with Storage
Drum Stool S$230 S$207*
Pouf S$380 S$342*

7. Invite Tranquility & Ethereal Beauty

The all-new WEAVE Planters are where green meets green. Handwoven and made from 100% recyclable, woven synthetic fibre for you to house your favourite plants.


Plants bring about a sense of calm and tranquility and also help purify the air. Make plants and planters a part of your home decor style to create a relaxing vibe.

OUR PICK: Invite the ethereal beauty and tranquility of classical Oriental gardens into your home with our WEAVE Planters. These planters come in a variety of shapes and sizes to complement your green babies and are made of hard-wearing, sustainable materials that allow for ventilation and for water to drain off well. 
WEAVE Planters
S$200-S$280 S$180-S$252*

8. Beauty Meets Multifunction

Featuring an eco-friendly exterior handwoven by artisans using sustainable hyacinth, the HYACINTH Weave Drum Stools are approachable pieces that allow you to bring the outdoors in.


Furniture and homeware pieces that are not only beautiful, but also lightweight are perfect for your urban homes. Enjoy the freedom of arrangement and function — select furnishings that are easy to move around for use as your occasional spare seating, ottoman or even a small coffee table.

OUR PICK: Add a rustic touch and echo the simple elegance of classical Chinese furniture in your home with the HYACINTH Weave Drum Stools. Small, versatile and beautiful.

HYACINTH Weave Drum Stool - Large
S$129 S$116.10*

9. An Alternative Hangout Spot

Hard-wearing, UV treated and waterproof, the YANG Dining Set is your answer to a new recreational setting for you and your family, both indoors and out.


Enjoy a slice of paradise — put together an alternative hangout spot for you and your family. Be it work or play, an occasional change of environment can also help to inspire you and relax your mood.

OUR PICK: The YANG Dining Set consists of 1 YANG Square Dining Table, and 4 YANG Dining Chairs to create your very own stay-home holiday vibe. Invite an ageless charm with traditional hand-woven textures on your balconies or patios.

YANG Dining Set
S$1,900 S$1,710*


Try our recommendations and make the most out of your spaces for you and your loved ones to relax. There’s no better time to start!


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How are you making room for relaxation?
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