This Often Overlooked Piece of Furniture Could Be the Missing Piece to Your Grand Home — Custom Made Console Tables from SCENE SHANG


RECEIVE A GRAND WELCOME with bespoke furniture. From the size, shape, colour, and even to the material, the make of your pieces affects not only how you move in a space, but also how you feel. Custom made furniture gives you the perfect look and fit so you can enjoy ultimate relaxation in your personal haven at home.
Here’s what you need to know about our custom made pieces and what they can do for you, specifically, our MING Half Octagon Console Tables, MING Console Tables, and YUAN Loft Console Tables.

Have a more complicated, narrow space or a specific look you want to achieve? We can help you get exactly what you need.

Often overlooked and grossly underestimated, the versatile console tables may be the missing piece in your home. The slim tables make a strong statement in any room or hallway, providing that extra bit of surface space while keeping things minimal.

When designed to be at just the right size, you can easily place your keys and purse by the door when you come home, or grab them on the go. When the right material combinations are selected, console tables can help elevate your favourite art pieces that are displayed above it and add a stylish dose of character to your home.


Leave your keys by the door on the MING Tall Console Table, home comforts are just a few steps away. (Credits: @lemonliang).

NEED: A small transition area between going out and coming home.
WANT: A slim surface that is unobtrusive.

First impressions count, make your entranceway wonderfully inviting with the MING Console Table. With our custom made MING Tall Console Table, Emma was able to achieve a grand entrance in a narrow corridor.

The open-legged base adds to the flow of the entrance, and allows you to line-up your favourite shoes so that it’s easy to take a quick look at your options, and slip them on and off when you’re on the go. Placed by the front door, the Console Table also simplifies your unwinding routine by providing a space for keys, wallets, and other miscellaneous items.

Take the opportunity to express yourself through the decor. A well decorated console table immediately impresses guests and gives them a taste of your style. Carrara marble and Brass Plated Stainless Steel Legs create an exquisite foundation to start with. The art piece on the wall helps to fill up empty space and together with the luxurious MING Tall Console Table, exudes sophistication and creativity.

Styling Tip: Use our consoles in the living room or dining area as an elegant sideboard-cum-bar! Place extra plates or linens on the lower shelf of our MING Console Table - Double Layer so you can grab them at ease. Display your drinks and glasses on the top for guests to have their pick.

Are you a fan of wood accents? You may like the Solid Pine Wood Slab / Wave Edge top for your console table! Show off nature’s beauty and add detail to your furniture.

MING Console Table - Double Layer

Custom make your own to ground your paintings and artworks. MING Console Table - Double Layer with Emerald Hill - "Longevity" (Red) Limited Edition of 22 by Arthur P. Y. Ting.

Bring the elegance inspired by Chinese Ming style writing tables in a contemporary form into your home. With a discreet bottom shelf, you have more storage and decor opportunities while maintaining a sleek, minimal look. Use as a console, a sideboard, or a writing desk — this table will slip right into the tightest spaces.

Styling Tip: Console Tables also make a great vanity! Organise your beauty products and jewellery on the long, slim surface. Add a mirror and THE BANKER Desk Lamp for the perfect lighting while you do your makeup.


Enchanting console with heritage pieces. MING Console Table - Double Layer with Cloud Corners anchors the large, round mirror perfectly. Tuck a JIA JU Rocking Stool underneath so you always have a handy seat.

NEED: A shelving unit to ground their mirror and display their treasures.
WANT: One that suits the style of their Oriental curios.

Instead of a bulky cabinet, Oz opted for a customised MING Console Table - Double Layer with Cloud Corners to display his curated treasures. The length of this console is just a little over the width of the mirror. By customising to get this perfect fit, the console anchors the beautiful mirror and provides balance. Any longer or shorter would have resulted in an unproportionate distribution of weight, either making the mirror look too small or too big. The Cloud Corners add an oriental touch, enhancing the Asian Contemporary vibe of this composition.

Solid Elm Wood table top and Brass Plated Stainless Steel brings an element of warmth and contrast with the light wood frame of the mirror. This magnificent combination will catch the attention of guests immediately. Get ready for compliments!

Styling Tip: Make use of the space below a console table! Consider getting one that is tall enough to fit a WEAVE Weatherproof Drum Stool or ART DECO Cane Basket for more storage.

MING Half Octagon Console

Step into a hallway of peace and serenity.

The slim width table of the MING Half Octagon Console is a simple and elegant geometric statement of solid wood or natural marble, set on a symmetrical stainless steel legs, echoing the simple elegance of classical Chinese furniture.

Often regarded as the golden age of Chinese furniture, the MING Collection draws inspiration from the uplifting lines of the Ming Dynasty. Golden age good looks, given a contemporary spin through the use of exquisite materials such as brass and marble. Timeless elegance that never goes out of style.

Golden hour — the magical moments right after a sunrise or sunset.

Bask in an enchanting composition. The beautiful veins of marble look the best in light. Add a warm glow for golden hour vibes by decorating your space with bronze accents. Try brown or orange plants such as fluffy Pampas Grass, Pussy Willows, Charlie Brown Rose, Marigolds and more. You may want to consider dried plants for low-maintenance and a longer shelf-life.

We styled our MING Half Octagon Console with THE BANKER Desk Lamp- Nero Marquina for even more luxury and class. The black marble base of our lamp adds contrast to the Volakas Marble top and Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel frame.

YUAN Loft Console Table

Bring together the geometry of classical Chinese sensibilities and modern appeal in our YUAN Loft Console Tables.

The classical Chinese garden was often regarded as a representation of Utopia. Little wonder why. Inviting tranquility. Ethereal beauty. And all the charm nature has to offer. Drawing inspiration from these scaled-down havens, the YUAN Loft Collection picks up their geometric architectural shapes — and fuses them with natural materials to heighten the beauty of nature.

This design combines hardy pieces of old elm wood or marble, with elegant steel legs in a choice of different finishes.


A custom hybrid of our MING Console Table and YUAN Loft Console Table base finishes in Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel, decked off beautifully by Jade Green Marble.

NEED: A table to display their new art piece.
WANT: A display solution that matches their interior style and allows their art to shine.

Hsing has a special piece of art that deserves to be displayed and admired. If you have a favourite piece of art, you may understand the struggle of presenting it in a tasteful way, one that is not boring, and enhances its elegance instead of taking away from it.

Their solution was a custom combination of our MING Collection and YUAN Loft Collection. Our MING base finish has uplifting lines to emphasise the slim silhouette of the table, while our YUAN Loft base finish matches the frame of the art piece, emphasising the bold lines to create a stronger impact.

A match made in heaven. The chamfered Jade Green Marble table top looks like a mesmerising sea, almost like an extension of the unique art piece. Together with Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel legs, the console table makes a striking accent piece.

How do you make your home your personal paradise?
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