Art Deco is Making a Comeback — How to Channel Art Deco into Any Room With Any of These Six Picks from SCENE SHANG


Art Deco makes a bold, glamorous statement with the elements of clean lines, geometric shapes, sleek materials, and striking contrast.

Mesmerizing, revolutionary, and timeless. Art Deco has always inspired us here at SCENE SHANG, right from when we first launched the brand with our ode to Art Deco through the EMBRACE ME Collection. Clean, symmetrical, and geometric shapes come together beautifully, lending a touch of elegance to any space. Today, we’ve witnessed a resurgence of interest in Art Deco, with a desire for that very beauty of the style that originated in the 1930s, albeit with a contemporary expression. 

Here are six easy picks to introduce a more contemporary style of Art Deco into your favourite spaces.

  Straight lines and curves define the charming Art Deco Tiong Bahru estate.


Multiple layers of the TIONG BAHRU Desk  maximises storage potential and gives you the freedom to style it as you please; from a study table to a vanity.

Clean and simple art deco lines and curves create an elegant piece of furniture that is both functional and beautiful for all your different needs.

The multiple levels of the TIONG BAHRU Desk allow you to prioritise your favourite items without sacrificing aesthetics.

TIONG BAHRU Desk SGD$1040.00



2. TIONG BAHRU Staggered Shelf

Solid elm wood framed by elegant powder coated stainless steel frames, a contemporary look that brings a timeless elegance to your space.


A handy size for every need, this staggered shelf allows you to customise what you choose to display. Play around with heights and shapes for some Art Deco contrast, style your own shelfie to dress up any corner.

TIONG BAHRU Staggered Shelf SGD$850.00


Rich in history and heritage, the beloved estate is adorned with curved lines and geometric shapes that inspired our new TIONG BAHRU Collection

3. THE BANKER Desk Lamp

The green lampshade of SCENE SHANG’s classic THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Nero Marquina is reminiscent of the green windows at Tiong Bahru and adds a beautiful contrast to our beautiful elm wood for an extra dose of personality.


Easily channel Art Deco exuberance with THE BANKER Desk Lamp. The iconic lampshade combined with sleek black marble instantly adds an element of old school luxe and creates a creative environment.


THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Nero Marquina  SGD$280.00 

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 THE BANKER Desk Lamp - Jade SGD$280.00


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The contrasting grid windows with textured green glass against the smooth white walls bring tranquility, creating a productive and soothing environment.

4. EMBRACE ME Cushion

In a tribute to these storied landmarks still standing today, EMBRACE ME Cushions reimagine their glory days in exuberant hues.


Refresh your home anytime you want with soft furnishings that are easy to swap out. Our versatile EMBRACE ME Cushions bring comfort and Art Deco glamour.

EMBRACE ME Cushions - The Cathay Building SGD$45.90


5. EMBRACE ME Coaster Set Of 6

 A set of 6 elegant coasters featuring Singapore Art Deco architectural landmarks, made using a highly moisture-absorbent natural material, diatomaceous earth. 

Start small. Use accent pieces and other smaller details to provide an instant dose of opulence to any space. Take these lovely coasters out when guests are over for an interesting conversation starter. Or appreciate history and heritage when you put these intricate illustrations on display in your home.

EMBRACE ME Coaster Set of 6 SGD$55.90


6. YUN Desktop Diffuser II

Embracing the Art Deco elements of clean, curved lines and luxe materials, the YUN Desktop Diffuser II - Rose Gold is the perfect balance between comfort and effortless opulence.


Embody the extravagant Art Deco as a lifestyle. Make any space an indulgent experience with your favourite scent in the air.    

YUN Desktop Diffuser II - Rose Gold SGD$59.00

Our Orchid Island Essential Oil, feel cosy and relaxed with a sensuous blend of flowers, musk and amber.

Orchid Island Essential Oil SGD$29.00

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Try it for yourself, add beauty and character to your home with Art Deco. You’ll love how easy and elegant it is!

How are you channelling Art Deco into your homes?
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